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LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-03-28 14:59:49):

Pinterest was REALLY HARD (to many curves, so it may look less quality than the others.

Otherwise enjoy! :-D

FAVORITE: INSTAGRAM (turned out amazing)

LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-03-28 16:03:09):

Tell me more App's to make Cursors! They are really fun (especially Instagram) :-D

Nick (2014-03-28 16:48:58):

Maybe do the Paint shortcut

LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-03-28 18:00:11):

they're apps nick (iPhone, android, etc..) not windows stuff... But thanks for the recommendation!

Do you like the Instagram 1? (I thought it would be hard but it wasn't and its now my favorite! cause it has lots of detail) :-D

Unknown author (2014-03-31 10:47:05):


LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-03-31 13:38:26):

Explain? I really didn't understand that.

Unknown author (2014-04-01 16:43:42):

well no shadeing looks to flat ;-)

Nick (2014-04-01 18:20:08):

do the app logo for picture icon i think it would look cool

Unknown author (2014-04-01 20:56:44):

lol too flat

LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-04-03 01:00:31):

I'll get the picture icon (at grandmas for this week will get it prob Saturday) :-D

Unknown author (2014-04-05 19:34:17):

do Youtube

LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-04-06 21:11:04):

I'll make YouTube :-D (expect in 1-2 days, cause ive been busy)

@Nick App Store Logo Finished :-D

Unknown author (2014-04-14 10:02:16):


LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-04-19 02:13:28):

good suggestions, i'll get them soon...

Unknown author (2014-04-23 10:29:26):

please try and make more realistic...and please get more logos

LiquidBrickz (Skywalkerjacob) (2014-04-23 14:33:28):

I will make more, I just need suggestions.

Sage (2015-03-13 14:20:27 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2015-07-21 12:22:51):

Get Snapchat :-) :-) :-D

3 out of 5 stars

ETHANWEEGEE (2015-11-27 21:03:07):


Unknown author (2016-04-26 17:33:36):

get safari logo

The Muffin Man (2016-05-12 20:24:38 / 5 stars):

I like the pixelated design! I want Google+ on this.

Angel Of Fire (2016-08-31 06:40:15 / 5 stars):

:-D :-(

achamo (2017-05-07 17:40:46 / 1.5 stars):

These aren't cursors. They're icons. I know you added pointers to them, but they work best as icons. I'd rather you convert them to icons.

Devkhan (2017-09-18 22:49:35 / 3 stars):

I likey :-D
I would also like to see Google+

icon-image/8301-32x32x32.png image

Commenter (2017-09-30 18:51:31 / 2.5 stars):

These shouldn't be cursors.
They should be icons for shortcuts or maybe phone modders.

Otherwise, decent work.
Although the App Store and iTunes logo should be bigger.
Much bigger.

(also where is discord xD)

Bob the builder (2018-03-27 18:47:03 / 4 stars):

it sort of looks like you copy and pasted...but if not then its pretty good

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