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Published by on October 31st 2017.

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I came up with this idea a week ago and I found the website: Kano!


About It

Welcome to your coding website. Register and you can learn how to code online, or on your Kano Computer Kit with the included Raspberry Pi 3 and you can go code your own programs or art, or even hack into Minecraft!


Click here while logged in to start your adventure to learning to code.**


When you use chrome, you can pin the app to your taskbar, and you can create your own program.
You can also use your playground feature on this website while logged in to create your own art.


You can view all the published programs and art made by others.

Enjoy Kano and become a master coder!

* Originally costed $149.99. Offer expires 11/9/2017.
** For some reason, the chapter for "Code Art Masterpieces" doesn't work really well when you complete the challenges throughout Level 1; it doesn't unlock Level 2 either.

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