Massive Steal

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Massive Steal

Published by on November 25th 2019.

A person called adrenochromedream, has been steling cursors from websites, she didn't gave any credit, or said where they came from, but I know where they came from, she stole various cursors from a page called also, people like timetraveller, gameofthrones and Re-Animator, doesn't realize that those cursor were stolen, but those cursors weren't only stolen from that site, some cursor where stolen from I have proofs too. But that isn't all, she stole GIFs and images that weren't from her and she converted them to icons or cursors. She doesn't show any originality for "his" sets.

If she continues doing that, well, any day she will be busted, or banned. So I hope she stops this right now or she will end in a punishment, or worse, a ban.

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user icon Cyrater registered user on November 25th 2019

Please, don't show any hate or critize anyone. The situation could even get worse if you do that. |-)

user icon TeraSoft registered user on November 27th 2019

Yeah, that's true, I also spammed adrenochromedream's profile and other cursors sets made by her, but that was my bad, Vlasta gave me a warning, I'll never going to do that. Also yeah, adrenochromedream is stealing cursors, images and GIFs made from people, she didn't even gave credit to anyone, she stole cursors from TotallyFreeCursors and Cursors4U. I hope she stops, Re-Animator harrased me, and and said me hypocrite, he doesn't know nothing about. I have also proofs too.

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