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More misc business

Published by on August 24th.

Hey there everyone!

I've been through a lot of stuff in the past few weeks. As you might know, I work as a govenment undertaker. This means that I pick up the deceased from their place of death and transport them to the state mortuary. As you can imagine, some people are pretty weirded out by this, especially people who might otherwise be romantically interested in me. I was out on a date with a girl, who was quite interested in me. We sat down to order food, and during the course of the discussion my employment came up. A few minutes later, she got up to 'take a call' and never came back, leaving me to pay for the food and depart empty handed. At least I could give her meal to a guy sleeping rough.

In the next few days, I was talking to a girl who wanted to go out. We met up for a late night walk, and she kept insisting to know what my job was. I repeated the mantra that she didn't want to know, and she gave up asking as the night wore on. One thing lead to another, and we went back to my place. I re-affirmed that I was not romantically interested in her, we had sex a few times, and then went out the next morning/afternoon. I dropped her home, and went back home.

The next day she called me, and during the call my employment came up once again. She guessed that it had to do with "unalive people" and I confirmed that. Afterwards, she was very shocked and ended the call. Since then, she has cancelled the meetup that we had arranged. Since then, she has decided against taking to me again and I haven't heard from her. Such is the life of an undertaker, I guess.

Speaking of work, it has been really quiet in the past week and a half. Hardly any people dying under suspicious cirumstances, which is good for people, but not great for my wallet. If any of the readers follow Maths youtube, you may have seen 3blue1brown's competition. I have completed my own entry, if you wish to watch it. I'd really appreciate any feedback on it

Anyways, thats enough complaining about the ladies and work from me. Getting paid tomorrow, and got a friend's birthday party coming up in a few weeks, so I've got that to look forward to. Lucky me.

My thanks to the reader.


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Tough luck man

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