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Published by on September 6th.


I'm going to be writing a bit about my general happiness, and of course an update on my life.

I've been working a decent amount, and taking some time off. I'm just finishing up my third day off, and it has been a pretty interesting few days.

I mentioned previously that I had a friend's birthday party coming up. That happened this weekend, and it was a pretty strange time.

I arrived at the party, taking photos and having a good time. There were about 20 people there, and I knew or got to know the majority of them. My friends were mostly drinking, and it was pretty fun watching them through the night. There was a older foreign guy there, was was quite excited that I spoke a bit of his language. As it wound up, my ex girlfriend and good friend asked me to walk her to her car, where she awkwardly stood and then kissed me. She then asked if we could meet up the next day, and drove home. I came back to the party, and then realised that one of my other friends was drunk, and couldn't drive home. As I had taken my moped there, I offered to drive her home in her car. That was pretty much the party.

Woke up the next morning, picked up my friend in her car and took her back to the party location to go get my moped. Took that back home, and my ex girlfriend came over under the guise of needing some help with her university subjects. Although I have no feelings for her, and made that very clear to her, she kept making moves on me. She ended up staying the night, and we had a nice time.

Gave my friend's sister a lift from an exam today, as my friend was busy, and then went for a little road trip with my ex. I had a nice time, and then she headed home. She let slip that she loved me before she left, but I stayed honest and told her I didn't feel the same. I hope that she understands and that she doesn't get hurt. If anyone wants to offer some advice, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

On the topic of my potential work with the police: I sat the entrance exam, passed everything, and should be contacted by police recruiting in the next few days. I'm pretty excited, and hoping that I'll get into the police.

I try to be happy, and I do what I think will make me happy. I chase the career I want, and do things that I enjoy. I spend time with people I like. If I have to do something that I don't like or enjoy, I try to see the positives in it, or have some fun with some part of it. To spend some time thinking about something interesting, listening to music or anything like that. I am truly content when I have spent the day eating well, exercising and doing things which I love. (that may sound cliche to the reader).

My friend is discussing starting a youtube channel that focuses on careers, and advising people about paths that they can take. I'm going to help make a video about tutoring, the work that I do.

Now, just a few of my 'problems' that I want to list.

- Had a pregnancy scare recently, but I'm pretty confident now that a scare is all that it was.

- Dealing with the situation with my ex, how to sort things out, have a good time with her but not hurt her.

- Worrying about the police selection process. I do hope that they contact me.

Thanks for reading this probably confusing and poorly worded blog.


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