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The stealer: WholesomeMacaroni

on June 2nd 2020

He is stealing too much! Stop him by spamming his inbox with a message and this: Don't go to the link though, as it is meant to annoy him/her.

on July 9th 2020

I went to the link on accident, why didn't you warn me?????

on July 9th 2020

I can't believe this! How is WholesomeMacaroni getting away with this? He's also responsible for my irrational fear of moose tracks. Not the actual thing, the ice cream.

on July 10th 2020

@Anonymous 1 I did warn you ._.
@Anonymous 2 He won't get away with it, maybe make an account so you can dislike all the sets that were stolen.

on August 25th 2020

Crisis averted! WholesomeMacaroni has been deactivated!

not used anymore
on August 26th 2020

This is a miracle. He finally got removed.

on December 8th 2020

you guys are mad lil pussies, I mean yeah he did some bad shit but like, nigga consider his age, probably like 10 idfk

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