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20 most recent icon and cursor sets fulfilling quality criteria.

angry birds delux Teaserangry birds delux Cursors
by ben usher69a set of angry bird. good quality. yours for free.
Random TeaserRandom Icons
by hunter17p96Random icons
Clash Of Clans Dragon TeaserClash Of Clans Dragon Cursors
by Mei258Enjoy my set Clash Of Clans Dragon. Thanks for download and review. ...
BlueFlame TeaserBlueFlame Cursors
by tsheej527Its clean flame. Well, a blue flame.
Pokemon 3D Starters ALL REGIONS TeaserPokemon 3D Starters ALL REGIONS Cursors
by TheDerpX672All Pokemon starters from all regions.
Animated Rainbow TeaserAnimated Rainbow Cursors
by ZeloZelos689A moving rainbow of colors all with shadows and look awesome with gam...
Negg TeaserNegg Cursors
by erik199993A set off Negg Cursors
Paint Brush TeaserPaint Brush Cursors
by erik1999152A set off Paint Brush Cursors
October theme 2014 RealWorld TeaserOctober theme 2014 RealWorld Cursors
by Mei152© RealWorld The theme for October is RealWorld.
Pulse 2 TeaserPulse 2 Cursors
by tsheej242Here is pulse 2 cursor. The set are still original but this time it p...
Gold Galoo II TeaserGold Galoo II Cursors
by ZeloZelos376This is a remake of the Gold Galoo set I made a while ago. I lost the...
Wheel TeaserWheel Cursors
by Ghast199Well, I wanted a cursor that would just look cool, and well, i saw th...
Cupcake's (Tortita's) TeaserCupcake's (Tortita's) Cursors
by Mei624Enjoy my set Cupcake's (Tortita's). Thanks for download and review. h...
Strawberry (Fresita) TeaserStrawberry (Fresita) Cursors
by Mei554Enjoy my set Strawberry (Fresita). Thanks for download and review. ht...
Relieve Rosado TeaserRelieve Rosado Cursors
by Mei117Enjoy my set Relieve Rosado. Thanks for download and review. http://m...
Pulse TeaserPulse Cursors
by tsheej662Cursors that Pulse. *Complete Set*
The Furret Collection! TeaserThe Furret Collection! Cursors
by Folfie168Furrr?? *flees*
Tarta TeaserTarta Cursors
by Drissaor82Picture
Bidoof Collection! TeaserBidoof Collection! Cursors
by Folfie282*Bow Down to the Bidoof God!* ~Or else
The Bulbasaur Collection! TeaserThe Bulbasaur Collection! Cursors
by Folfie491Bulba? Bulba bulba saur!!

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Most popular icons and cursors of September 2014

These icon sets and cursor sets were downloaded the most times during last month.

Minecraft - Diamond Edition TeaserMinecraft - Diamond Edition Cursors
by NesManiacMinecraft - Diamond Edition Enjoy!
Hello Kitty TeaserHello Kitty Cursors
by 15pets+Never-before-seen Hello Kitty cursor set. First ever made on this sit...
Ultimate Lightsaber set TeaserUltimate Lightsaber set Cursors
by Leo_de_JevgaI will update this set so often I can and put more and more lightsabe...
Invincible Mouses TeaserInvincible Mouses Cursors
by MisterDThe mouse has eaten marios stars!Its a cool ani. enjoy comment and ha...
Minecraft TeaserMinecraft Cursors
by TheChosenOneA remake of the old Minecraft Cursor Set
Glow TeaserGlow Cursors
by ShiraPLZ tell me what You think =]
Skyrim TeaserSkyrim Cursors
by SireaComplete cursor set for The Elder Scrolls V game, named Skyrim.
Polka Breath TeaserPolka Breath Cursors
by skittlesuchiA small, blue green set I made while coming up with ideas. __________...
MineCraft TeaserMineCraft Icons
by Neo-TheDragonMineCraft Icons!
Sims TeaserSims Cursors
by SireaComplete cursor set in green-yellow style. I used green Diamond from ...
Stickman TeaserStickman Cursors
by creativity_crew:D Drawn in pixelated detail, Stickman is feeling very honored to be ...
RoboCop TeaserRoboCop Cursors
by SireaComplete cursor set inspired by RoboCop helmet picture from new movie...
Pikachu Cute TeaserPikachu Cute Cursors
by HusenPoPikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ Hepburn: Pikachū?) /ˈpiːkəˌt...
The Charizard Collection! TeaserThe Charizard Collection! Cursors
by -Twi- FolfCharrrrrrrr.....
Memes Faces TeaserMemes Faces Icons
by Virum64rsrc/madeinfrance.png I just converted my cursors into icons. You can...
Angry Birds Bonanza TeaserAngry Birds Bonanza Icons
by RiconCannot be used for commercial purposes. Full credit to Rovio for the ...
Black Recycle Bins TeaserBlack Recycle Bins Icons
by ZeloZelosThe name says it all. It was made with Windows 7 in mind not sure how...
Troll Face Tribute Pack ! TeaserTroll Face Tribute Pack ! Icons
by TCRcreationsTRIBUTE ___________________________________________ Hello everyone! T...
Spikey TeaserSpikey Icons
by cdlColored metallic spiked blades. Watch-out! They are extremely sharp!
Furries TeaserFurries Icons
by cdlFurry cute monster mascots want nothing but to delight your eyes and ...
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