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20 most recent icon and cursor sets fulfilling quality criteria.

Monkey D. Luffy (Early One Piece) TeaserMonkey D. Luffy (Early One Piece) Cursors
by PkN0PE34Sprites of Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece GBA game (unfortunatley...
Cookie Monster TeaserCookie Monster Icons
by adrenochromedream39Cookie Monster icons
mario Teasermario Cursors
by cooolgamer613a mario cursor set!
Terminator (T2:JD NES, T-800) TeaserTerminator (T2:JD NES, T-800) Cursors
by PkN0PE203NES Sprites of the T-800 (with very small changes, like his "hair" is...
Hortinus' Sonic Mania Styled Sprites TeaserHortinus' Sonic Mania Styled Sprites Cursors
by PkN0PE248A collection of Hortinus' Sonic Mania Styled Sprites. All sprites whe...
Happy Helloween TeaserHappy Helloween Cursors
by adrenochromedream673a creepy set of cursors
Pink Macaron Kawaii TeaserPink Macaron Kawaii Cursors
by Orisnismy88576100% created by me, I hope you like it a lot and you download, I wrot...
Effects TeaserEffects Cursors
by SixtyMonster221805!!! CHALLENGE: I made separate cursors. 3 of them is to determine who...
Simple TeaserSimple Cursors
by Xax35397A set made of simple cursors. Thanks to Vini e Digo Channel for inspi...
Spongebob TeaserSpongebob Cursors
by PkN0PE2595Sprites from Spongebob the Movie Game, \"Lights, Camera, Pants!\", an...
Glowing TeaserGlowing Cursors
by MakeMaker5152A set of various glowing cursors!
Purple TeaserPurple Cursors
by MakeMaker633All the normal cursors, but now they are purple!
Red TeaserRed Cursors
by MakeMaker1383A set made of all kind of red cursors.
Pokemon #27-34 TeaserPokemon #27-34 Cursors
by LightningBoy2527608Well, the first two had so many downloads, I just had to make another...
The Chee Faces Collection TeaserThe Chee Faces Collection Cursors
by Ember Moon298The full set of chee faces. All of them are included for easy downloa...
Chee Faces 5 TeaserChee Faces 5 Cursors
by Ember Moon711The fifth and final set of chee faces. This last set also has the lea...
Chee Faces 4 TeaserChee Faces 4 Cursors
by Ember Moon142The fourth set of chee faces is finally out! The fifth and final set ...
Chee Faces 3 TeaserChee Faces 3 Cursors
by Ember Moon208The third set of the chee faces. The fourth will be out soon, and the...

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With thousands of individual cursors and hundreds of complete cursor sets, the open cursor library offers free and safe downloads.

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Most popular icons and cursors of September 2019

These icon sets and cursor sets were downloaded the most times during last month.

Minecraft - Diamond Edition TeaserMinecraft - Diamond Edition Cursors
by NesManiacMinecraft - Diamond Edition Enjoy!
Zap TeaserZap Cursors
by 2ndmowaeremake of my first cursor set
Gaylence TeaserGaylence Cursors
by GayceA futuristic, rainbow-themed set of animated cursors
Glowing TeaserGlowing Cursors
by MakeMakerA set of various glowing cursors!
Pikachu Cute TeaserPikachu Cute Cursors
by HusenPoPikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ Hepburn: Pikachū?) /ˈpiːkəˌt...
Lightning Plasma TeaserLightning Plasma Cursors
by Censor_NotLightning-ish but more like a plasma-ball lamp. A few extras and left...
Purple Unicorn Kawaii TeaserPurple Unicorn Kawaii Cursors
by Orisnismy88100% created by me, I hope you like it a lot and you download, I wrot...
Never-Lost Rainbow TeaserNever-Lost Rainbow Cursors
by KelinmirielThis is a fairly complete set of 25 cursors designed to be easy to sp...
TRON II TeaserTRON II Cursors
by JDDellGuyThe revised version of the TRON cursor set. The graphics are much sh...
Internal Combustion (Animated Fire) TeaserInternal Combustion (Animated Fire) Cursors
by Censor_NotCursors with animated fire inside. Extras and lefts included.
Revenge Red TeaserRevenge Red Cursors
by ShiminokCursors made for ASUS desktop, enjoy!
Red TeaserRed Cursors
by alexThese are red "shiny" pointers.
Eeveelutions TeaserEeveelutions Cursors
by LightningBoy2527A special request from eeveelover64. It was a pleasure making these f...
MineCraft TeaserMineCraft Icons
by Neo-TheDragonMineCraft Icons!
Memes Faces TeaserMemes Faces Icons
by Virum64rsrc/madeinfrance.png I just converted my cursors into icons. You can...
dead meme Teaserdead meme Icons
by Bob the builder11 dead memes, in my opinion they want to make me throw up, but if yo...
roblox memeys Teaserroblox memeys Icons
by fazmade112these are icons i made for my laptop. i find them to be funny, so i m...
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