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Cirrus-Cloud'15-Bx150-Pro-P3D TeaserCirrus-Cloud'15-Bx150-Pro-P3D Cursors
by TRaMeLL27"Cirrus-Cloud'15-Bx150-Pro" add-on
Lord of the Rings TeaserLord of the Rings Cursors
by BestPythosEver031480A group of homemade lord of the rings cursors, enjoy! Use for whateve...
Svengoolie TV Show TeaserSvengoolie TV Show Cursors
by BestPythosEver031416A group of cursors inspired by the Svengoolie TV Show, please injoy a...
Cirrus-Cloud'15-Bx150-Pro TeaserCirrus-Cloud'15-Bx150-Pro Cursors
by TRaMeLL2831-Bit Cursors (Windows All)
Left Handed Cool TeaserLeft Handed Cool Cursors
by Lazer29189Left handed version of my first set. Right handed set here. http://ww...
Pac Man TeaserPac Man Cursors
by wasup955I just made this cursor set for fun for me and for others to enjoy! (...
Guild Wars 2 Asura TeaserGuild Wars 2 Asura Cursors
by FeniulaPyra31Guild Wars 2 Asura and Golem cursors. Asuras are my favorite GW2 race...
MobiusCyan TeaserMobiusCyan Cursors
by Mobius1518A cursor set done with my favorite color. Enjoy! 11/09/17: Wow! 731 D...
Random Roses & Other Flowers TeaserRandom Roses & Other Flowers Cursors
by Censor_Not346Mostly Roses & a few other flowers. Optionals and lefts included.
Bob Ross collection TeaserBob Ross collection Cursors
by CheffboyRD1449It's Bob Ross, what more does one need?
Playstation Shapes TeaserPlaystation Shapes Cursors
by siabob007718Animated crosshair with changing PlayStation shapes and colours in th...
Minecraft TeaserMinecraft Cursors
by Anonymous2837Please mention Attribution if use for commercial purpose, like YouTub...
Green Highlight TeaserGreen Highlight Cursors
by Zelphis2317Mini black Cursors highlighted in green
Almost Electric TeaserAlmost Electric Cursors
by Censor_Not3600It's almost electric. It almost looks like a circuit board with flash...
The MS Pointer (Get it?) TeaserThe MS Pointer (Get it?) Cursors
by Spoopy584I made a little cursor set of my online persona, The MS Painter!
Kirby and Warp Star TeaserKirby and Warp Star Cursors
by anesthes713Sprites found at
Mei and Snowball TeaserMei and Snowball Cursors
by Lights212A cursor set based on Overwatch's Mei-Ling Zhou! Some cursors are her...
OMG! TeaserOMG! Icons
by cdl95OMGosh! Someone had to do it so I did! This set of colorful three dim...
Jade Tree TeaserJade Tree Cursors
by MustyYew011937285I couldn't find any good tree themed cursor sets, so I decided to mak...
Pastel Cat TeaserPastel Cat Cursors
by Nani967Personal cursor

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Most popular icons and cursors of August 2017

These icon sets and cursor sets were downloaded the most times during last month.

Minecraft - Diamond Edition TeaserMinecraft - Diamond Edition Cursors
by NesManiacMinecraft - Diamond Edition Enjoy!
Almost Electric TeaserAlmost Electric Cursors
by Censor_NotIt's almost electric. It almost looks like a circuit board with flash...
Psychedelic Animated TeaserPsychedelic Animated Cursors
by Censor_NotRandom, colorful, animated, psychedelic cursors. All are animated. Ex...
Silver Bevel TeaserSilver Bevel Cursors
by ZykediateA set of silver bevel cursors that were made to be similar to the Win...
TRON II TeaserTRON II Cursors
by JDDellGuyThe revised version of the TRON cursor set. The graphics are much sh...
Obsidian TeaserObsidian Cursors
by truth14fulSolid black with glowing blue lines. Made entirely in RWCE.
Spinning Fidgets TeaserSpinning Fidgets Cursors
by Censor_NotStuff from the junkyard, put here so people can find them. From the r...
Pikachu Cute TeaserPikachu Cute Cursors
by HusenPoPikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ Hepburn: Pikachū?) /ˈpiːkəˌt...
Green Highlight TeaserGreen Highlight Cursors
by ZelphisMini black Cursors highlighted in green
Aystics - Glacier TeaserAystics - Glacier Cursors
by AJaxxA fun set of cursors that changes in glow as it moves (on light & dar...
Astro TeaserAstro Cursors
by AJaxxA fun set of cursors for windows. Both sizes [32,48] are included. Ad...
Minecraft TeaserMinecraft Cursors
by AnonymousPlease mention Attribution if use for commercial purpose, like YouTub...
Super Mario World (Swapped) TeaserSuper Mario World (Swapped) Cursors
by NibblerI swapped the lefties and righties with the characters. Enjoy! :) The...
Memes Faces TeaserMemes Faces Icons
by Virum64rsrc/madeinfrance.png I just converted my cursors into icons. You can...
MineCraft TeaserMineCraft Icons
by Neo-TheDragonMineCraft Icons!
Colorsmear Folders TeaserColorsmear Folders Icons
by Censor_NotSmeary colorful folder icons. Because I like hysterical color with ob...
Mario Cursors TeaserMario Cursors Icons
by xxjameskxxThese are Mario icons for anyone who likes Mario that much.
Colorful Metallic Folder TeaserColorful Metallic Folder Icons
by Censor_NotColorful Metallic Folder Icons. Made mostly with Photoshop. Batched b...
Moogle TeaserMoogle Icons
by Firestar_PusheenThis is my first icon set!!!! I have been looking around for an icon ...
Snake Skin Folder TeaserSnake Skin Folder Icons
by Censor_NotSnakeskin folders to go with a matching set of cursors.
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