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Graphic-related discussion in languages other than English.

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by ThisIsVeryBad
updated about 55 minutes ago
69 posts
sala de chat es (espanol)
by Player1
updated on September 20th
3 posts
updated on September 6th
21 posts
Only those who know hindi or are indian are allowed
updated on August 2nd
2 posts
Español: Dime si quieres traducir algo.
English: SPANISH ONLY!!!! Español: SOLO ESPAPA!!!!
updated on June 14th
9 posts
Чат для русских
Только русские и ничего кроме русских!!!!
updated on January 13th
3 posts
italian language it's not esix
updated on December 23rd 2020
6 posts
by profesor
updated on November 1st 2020
6 posts
RealWorld Paint Translation Help
updated on October 13th 2020
3 posts
visto che nessuno risponde all altro,eccone qui un altro
updated on August 10th 2020
3 posts
Cursor y Colección Web
Titulo de Cursor y Colección (Error)
updated on June 20th 2020
2 posts
Funguje v linuxe
by zeleno
updated on April 28th 2020
1 posts
muito bom
by fera1000
updated on December 27th 2019
2 posts
learn how to speak Dutch / leer Nederlands spreken
by Goodbye
updated on December 27th 2019
4 posts
Conversacion en español del cursor editor
español, español, español, españooool
updated on December 27th 2019
54 posts
Um fórum criado para pessoas que falem em português
updated on December 31st 2017
1 posts
Filipino // Pinoy
Makipag-usap tungkol sa anumang bagay sa forum na ito
updated on May 25th 2017
3 posts
Stará verze
by RayCodeCSC
updated on March 26th 2017
2 posts
da se zvetsit?
by RayCodeCSC
updated on March 17th 2017
2 posts
Pokemon cursores e iconos en Español
♫♪Pokemón descargalos ya (descargalos ya) Pokemón♪♫
updated on February 2nd 2017
2 posts
konnichiwa mina san
ogenki desu ka??
updated on October 15th 2014
6 posts
Kde upravovat obrázky
by Kakuska
updated on July 22nd 2014
5 posts
font cirilic
How to instal
by ninodj
updated on February 28th 2014
3 posts
Botão de rolagem do mouse
updated on May 14th 2013
2 posts
Cyrchwyr draig goch
Set o gyrchwyr seiliedig ar y draig goch (an-orffenedig)
updated on August 2nd 2012
1 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...