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Image Side Problems
by Topaz
updated on July 12th 2010
6 posts
Flickering Cursor
by nishamathur
updated on December 14th
4 posts
Picture resizes properties
Picture resizes properties
by kullboys
updated on November 27th
2 posts
Can you merge vector layers?
Everytime I merge layers, I always get a raster layer.
updated on November 24th
3 posts
Cursor with inverted colors?
I'm trying to make my cursor have inverted colors as the background colorchanges.
updated on October 7th
7 posts
Other Programs
Other Programs that you can make cursors with.
updated on October 6th
1 posts
Fill Style Quick Question
Fill Style Options Are Greyed
by LouiseGrogan58
updated on September 27th
2 posts
Saving/exiting Auto Merge
Every time I save or exit, it automatically merges with layers that I don't want it to merge with
by Convel
updated on September 12th
3 posts
Importing animated gif / png in multi-size cursor file
..And how to invert an image ;)
by Maveltjesplot
updated on September 11th
11 posts
How do you use formatting again?
Like putting Icons and Cursors in forum posts
updated on September 3rd
2 posts
How do you get Pets?
Also Magic Gloves and other special items
updated on August 27th
1 posts
by zachbonetti_nz
updated on August 21st
3 posts
Any way to turn off auto hotspots?
Basically when you generate something in the cursor editor and it changes the hotspot.
by trecmakescursors
updated on July 24th
2 posts
Cannot create an icon with transparent a background.
Trying to create an .icns icon for Mac OS X.
by Chaz
updated on April 29th
2 posts
Suggestion for RWPaint Layer Style - Color Indexing
Color Indexing Layer Style for RWPaint
by Reptorian
updated on April 13th
1 posts
Colors Changing over time in RW Paint
by sheilaanderson
updated on April 9th
2 posts
Prepare images for web: png on RWPaint
by Anonymous
updated on April 6th
5 posts
Blurry Animation
Whenever I save the image, it comes out as blurry.
by Speen
updated on March 26th
2 posts
No options to save cursor as .ani or .cur ???
No options to save cursor as .ani or .cur ???
by bedaso246
updated on February 25th
4 posts
Cursor wont upload!
(Invalid or missing cursor file)
updated on February 20th
5 posts
Motion blur in RWPaint?
Is there anything like Photoshops Motion Blur in RealWorld Paint?
updated on February 18th
1 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?