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Software not working
Software won't open
by Wek
updated on January 25th
2 posts
Bug report - RW Paint
updated on January 18th
6 posts
How to make a seamless / tileable in RWPaint?
updated on December 30th 2022
5 posts
Select => color losses (RWPaint)
updated on December 28th 2022
4 posts
Software won't load
updated on December 1st 2022
3 posts
A required certificate is not within its validity period
Getting certificate error when opening RealWorld Cursor Editor in Windows 10 and Windows 11
by JeanJean
updated on November 17th 2022
3 posts
Windows not working with 48x48 cursor I made.
by CarlTheSkunk
updated on November 12th 2022
3 posts
I suck at 15 puzzle
Help for 15 puzzle
updated on October 15th 2022
5 posts
Website Help
Modifying Cursor Sets
by Anonymous Me
updated on October 10th 2022
5 posts
updated on September 28th 2022
6 posts
RWIconEditor Standart License Voucher
Does this activates RWIconEditor without buying?
updated on September 13th 2022
3 posts
How do I publish a cursor
I want to publish a cursor
updated on August 15th 2022
6 posts
Deleting a set
How do i delete sets
updated on May 6th 2022
4 posts
how do i post a cursor?
updated on May 5th 2022
2 posts
Cannot save file
Error message says to try different location
by Mike
updated on April 9th 2022
3 posts
Change icon of RW Paint
I wanna create a shortcut to my desktop and task bar for RW Paint. How do I change the icon to a custom one? The change icon is
updated on March 24th 2022
3 posts
How do i publish cursors?
Where is the button? What page?
by Anonymous
updated on January 21st 2022
2 posts
Gives error when trying to open cursor
by XViGames0
updated on January 20th 2022
2 posts
Splash Screen does not change
If I select an PNG file, the splash screen does not change.
by LogoFun13
updated on January 5th 2022
3 posts
updated on December 18th 2021
1 posts
How do you use formatting again?
Like putting Icons and Cursors in forum posts
updated on December 15th 2021
7 posts
Online Cursor Editor - Add More Cursor Templates
Add More Cursor Templates
updated on December 8th 2021
5 posts
Cursor and Icon Upload Button not working
updated on November 6th 2021
2 posts
How to change cursor image when clicking left mouse button
by papery
updated on September 15th 2021
2 posts
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons