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Image Side Problems
by Topaz
updated on March 16th 2012
7 posts
How to copy the Text across the frames precisely and quickly?
by Richard
updated on December 12th
3 posts
Another bug? Arbitrary rotation messes up vector rectangles.
Looks like the rectangles turn the other way?
updated on November 22nd
2 posts
Touchscreen makes cursors disappear
by Mattduke
updated on November 4th
3 posts
I think I found a bug in the Layer Merger.
Ignores blending mode settings.
updated on November 1st
4 posts
Batch icon extractor parameter
by bordo
updated on September 1st
8 posts
Dropping images from outside
updated on August 6th
2 posts
Problem saving animation
"Saving of file failed, please try a different location"
by wobbbles
updated on July 20th
6 posts
48 x 48 cursor not showing in the test area
by ellenelle
updated on June 3rd
7 posts
Opacity increasing
Any ways to increase the opacity of the pixels if it is not fully opaque?
updated on May 10th
1 posts
line tool
by meow247
updated on April 16th
4 posts
blur brush
blur brush in realworld icon editor
by MadsHaupt
updated on April 8th
3 posts
adjust degee of antialiasing?
by ellenelle
updated on March 22nd
15 posts
puzzling problem when animating
spin frame goes off course
by ellenelle
updated on March 17th
4 posts
Another small issue in animation
by ellenelle
updated on March 15th
4 posts
How to completely eliminate temporary files?
by ellenelle
updated on March 15th
4 posts
cursors not working in Windows 7
by mouse
updated on March 5th
5 posts
by Lionking
updated on March 5th
2 posts
Canvas not opening?
updated on March 3rd
2 posts
Color Doesn't Save or Display
updated on February 28th
3 posts
Question about systems.
Does Paint have a 64 bit edition? And does Thumbnails work in Win8.1?
updated on February 28th
5 posts
Previous Version of RealWorld Paint Software
Is it possible to get the previous version of RW Paint?
updated on February 5th
2 posts
Select background
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...