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GIF not opening in RW Paint
updated on April 18th
7 posts
Inability To Access Cursor Set.
updated on April 4th
4 posts
updated on March 28th
2 posts
Incorrect in Win10/11 saved in RW cursor editor
by Max Sparrow
updated on March 23rd
5 posts
Request support new images formats
by Dalieba
updated on March 4th
1 posts
Need an option to add custom loading animation to the cursor
In CursorEditor it's not possible to add custom animation, or generate animation frames by rotating specific part of the cursor
by vaizy
updated on March 1st
3 posts
A required certificate is not within its validity period
Getting certificate error when opening RealWorld Cursor Editor in Windows 10 and Windows 11
by JeanJean
updated on February 27th
5 posts
2023.1 version has too many bugs
and th old 2013.1 is gone. Please fix it ASAP, I need the program.
by pje_
updated on January 6th
3 posts
RWCE DarkMode
is there any way i can get Realworld Cursor Editor on Dark Mode or Sync with Windows Dark Mode?
by JinBoo
updated on November 26th 2023
3 posts
How do I install downloaded cursors
I have realworld cursors, realworld editor, but don't know what to do with them
updated on November 4th 2023
3 posts
Duping frames crashes in RW Cursor Editor 2023.1
Trying to duplicate a frame crashes RWCE
updated on November 2nd 2023
3 posts
A weird bug involving the Recolor Brush tool
updated on October 23rd 2023
2 posts
I'm so sad right now
updated on October 7th 2023
1 posts
Gamma Correction is broken in RW Paint 2023.1
the option to adjust it was removed, so you can't fix it normally, either
updated on October 3rd 2023
3 posts
Save image as... is greyed out
Why i can't save my picture?
updated on September 24th 2023
2 posts
RWC Won't open Images
Why can't I import images??
updated on September 8th 2023
2 posts
Website Help
Modifying Cursor Sets
by Anonymous Me
updated on September 7th 2023
6 posts
Will there be support for more formats in Unicorn3D?
Such as .obj, .glb, .p3d, .3ds
updated on August 30th 2023
1 posts
Two bugs in RW Paint 2023.1
All layer commands are import/export for some reason and it is impossible to set Start page to Create
by Another Anon on the Web
updated on July 31st 2023
1 posts
Website gallery: smileys and textures libraries
Suggestions for the website
updated on July 15th 2023
2 posts
How do i change my photo?,like my photo is totally black
I need to change it because the male boss have a custom one
updated on July 10th 2023
1 posts
I did a thing and can't undo it
by xblack997
updated on July 7th 2023
2 posts
I suck at 15 puzzle
Help for 15 puzzle
updated on July 7th 2023
6 posts
Website sorts by oldest, can we change that?
The gallery sorts cursors by oldest, you have to go to the last page to find newer cursors.
updated on June 10th 2023
1 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
I wish there were...