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RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1Create icons just the way you like. RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1Make static and animated cursors for Windows. RealWorld Paint 2013.1Paint your own pictures or animations. RealWorld Photos 2015.1Retouch .jpg photos losslessly. Picture Resizer 6.0Easily resize .jpg photos in batches. Online Fav-Icon MakerDraw a small icon directly in web browser.

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Terraria X-Mas Trees thumbnail

Terraria X-Mas Trees

I got some sprites from the Spriters Resource, as always. Here are some examples:
rsrc/Example_1.png image rsrc/Example_2.png image rsrc/Example_3.png image rsrc/Example_4.png image rsrc/Example_5.png image

The Melting Pot story

Once upon a time, there was a family living in a house in the woods. They were making the most delicious cauliflower soup in a pot they made once a while. In the family, there was a father that had two sons with the names of Pollio and Thote. When they were done, they were trying the taste of the soup, but it was too hot. So, they wondered around the Raftimate Forest. They saw the tallest tree ever in the woods. They were not sure why it’s there. It had little iron bars as like if it was from a telephone pole. The father climbed up the tree. Then there was a castle full of witches. They had that same soup that the father made. Then he got frightened and hurried down. He went to the house and saw that the pot was missing, including the bowls of soup they were waiting to cool down while they were wandering. He, then, went to repair his sword and shield that he had a long time. He also went up the tree anyway. Then there were 20 pots of that soup. The father was so surprised. He tried to pick one up, but it was a ghost. Then suddenly, the pots disappeared. He got so frustrated about that he saw the fake pots. Then a witch came out and casted at the man. His shield blocked the cast and going straight back to that same witch and collapsed from her broom! Then eleven more came out. Then they used a stronger spell, but the shield blocked it again and killed them. The evil Queen Poison was flying very fast on her broom! Her arms are full of pots with nothing in them! When she, then, throws the pots, the man’s shield broke. It was dull wood. There was also a really big rock and the man decided to use it as a shield! He found a bow and only 15 really sharp arrows from one of the witches that he killed. He, then, used his arrows on his bow and shot right at the head. It didn’t work. The head was as hard as concrete! He now uses a sword instead. With a bow, he aimed at her head again and fired. It shot right through her head, and collapsed. Then the warm cauliflower soup pot landed softly to the ground like a feather. The father, and the children are starving, so they tried the soup once more. It was delicious. They tried it with their French bread and it was delicious, too. They chopped down that giant tree and used the wood to build a 2-story house. They moved the furniture, cleaned the new house and lived happily ever after.

I really like rw paint for pixel art since the pencil tool is very convenient and the draw space is free from clutter.
Often you want to restrict yourself to only a few colors, so I thought it would be nice to be able to save a pallet of colors.
We already have the recently used colors, but sometimes it can be hard to control exactly what appears there, and it would be nice to have a row of colors that we can drag and drop around. Drag to add one, drag away to remove, and drag within them to re-order.

How to become a Contributing User

Since people PM me about this all the time, I decided to write a blog post about it.

Why so many rules?

Someone has asked the question, Why so many rules? in regards to the TOTM contest. I do not think there are so many rules . Allow me to explain why we need rules in the contest and how we came to have as many rules as we do for the contest.

Expanded, Evangelion Cursor Set

(6 new cursors) cursor-94703cursor-94704cursor-94705cursor-94706cursor-94707cursor-94708

Free icons and cursors

Easel and brushes
  • Download icons to customize your Windows desktop, your web site or to use them in your application.
  • Download cursors to give your mouse pointer a personality.
  • Request an icon or a cursor.
  • Create a author account and share your own creations with the world.

Need a professional icon done? Contact us.

Lastest news

Unicorn3D 2013.1

Unicorn3D is now released as a standalone freeware 3D graphics editor. People, who would like to learn the basics of 3D modelling are welcome to try U3D. The application is released as a portable .zip package that only needs to be unpacked and then run. Download here.

On September 30th 2013.

RealWorld Photos 2013.1

A new version of RWPhotos contains user interface updates from RWPaint, including simplified color and fill style selector, a new drawing tool - Shape, which can also be used to create accurate selections. RWPhotos remains focused on batch image processing and fast photo retouching.

On September 29th 2013.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1

The new version of the cursor editor includes changes in the color picker, drawing tools and image effects, which were first introduced in RealWorld Paint.

On July 11th 2013.

RWPaint 2013.1 service pack 1

RealWorld Paint just got a bit better. It is recommended for all users of the 2013.1 version to get this update. It fixes various errors and there are also a couple of new features. List of changes.

On June 21st 2013.

RealWorld Paint 2013.1 released

After more than a year, there is a new version of RealWorld Paint. The most notable new feature are obviously vector layers.

On March 21st 2013.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2012.1 released

The new version of RealWorld Cursor Editor brings lots of small improvements, but also a couple of important new features, including:

  • Support for multi-resolution Windows 7 cursors.
  • Ability to create cursors from animated GIFs and PNGs and export cursors to these formats.
  • Built-in animation editor instead of the previously available image editor.
  • Fix for a redrawing problem on 64-bit editions of Windows.

On February 29th 2012.

New way to look at your art

Cursor and icon authors now have a new way to look at their art. This new method displays cursor and icon sets created by a single author, orders them by creation date, groups them by months and puts them on a time axis.

On February 25th 2012.

February 2012 - month of Weight Loss

RealWorld applications have been here for almost 7 years now and all this time they have grown and grown. If this trend continues, they will become fat and slow and hard to maintain and use. Time for a diet.

On February 6th 2012.

January 2012 - month of Bug Squashing

Here is my new year resolution: there shall be less errors in my software. And I can use some help with that.

On January 7th 2012.

Image Grid 1.0

Image Grid is a simple tool that allows you to arrange multiple pictues in rows and columns and save the result as a single image. It can be handy when creating a preview of multiple icons or when you want multiple photos as your Desktop background.

On January 2nd 2012.