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RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1Create icons just the way you like. RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1Make static and animated cursors for Windows. RealWorld Paint 2013.1Paint your own pictures or animations. RealWorld Photos 2015.1Retouch .jpg photos losslessly. Picture Resizer 6.0Easily resize .jpg photos in batches. Online Fav-Icon MakerDraw a small icon directly in web browser.

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Close to my goal thumbnail

Close to my goal

Hello everyone! I just made this blog to inform you that I am close to my goal for getting a spray paint dispenser. Anymore buttons would help, but I don't expect any buttons from anyone.

Hi I'm Liyan Graphics I'm saying the readers about how did I find and how did I start publishing cursors and icons to this website, I have came o this website by a YouTube tutorial under "how to change the cursor" when I enter that I have found lot's of result I have choose the video that published by my favorite youtuber his name is "Kevin Stratford" I had followed his instructions first of all he told to go the
so I have gone there I haven't logged in I have been like an anonymous for a long time however I had found my first cursor so I have changed my cursor I was interested about this website so I have downloaded the RW cursor editor and made lot's of cursor and published by the application Then I had create an account as Shevooooon***
and I haven't been online for a long time so when I come to this website and tried to log in it shows that "there isn't an email registered by this account" so I have create another account as "Liyanado Graphics davinci" so I have published cursors one by one a one cursor had a download for 1 week!!! in those months that I have upload cursors one by one I'm not famous in this website
I have seen cursor sets of other I have asked Vlasta that how to make a set from icons and cursors he told me how to make so after that day I have made all cursor set and icon sets I had been famous on this website so someone told me that my name is too long so I have asked a good nick from phantom he had told "Liyan Graphics" That's all on this blog.
Thanks to the people who read this blog.
Be tuned I hope to publish another blog.

I'm selling some object click this blog to see more infomation thumbnail

I'm selling some object click this blog to see more infomation

image 1

rsrc/5cb062b980f2cf201a4c3252.png image

image 2

rsrc/5cb065c780f2cf201a4c3257.png image

image 3

rsrc/5cb0633d80f2cf201a4c3253.png image

image 4

rsrc/5cb0650680f2cf201a4c3256.png image

image 5

rsrc/5cb0661380f2cf201a4c3258.png image

image 6

rsrc/580b57fbd9996e24bc43bfc3.png image

image 7

rsrc/580b57fbd9996e24bc43bfd2.png image

image 8

rsrc/585fd1b1cb11b227491c35d4.png image

image 9

rsrc/588a6ac4d06f6719692a2d27.png image

New TOTM thumbnail


Hello everyone!
I am currently saving up for Octobers TOTM, and anyone who wants to help fund, or join the contest can freely. I will set up a forum and kind of advertise the link to it on comment sections. It would be awesome if we can get participants. Update:Check out the new TOTM Forum
Theme being revealed tomorrow:

Hello Guys, I Started Playing Becuse I Like Custom Mouses. The First One I Think I Got Was The Gamer Mouse It Was Cool I Thought. I Like Every One Of Them And They Are Very Cool!

I am giving away my 15 puzzle for anyone who makes me a custom cursor set.
If its something I don't like, then I most likely will not give it away.

Free icons and cursors

Easel and brushes
  • Download icons to customize your Windows desktop, your web site or to use them in your application.
  • Download cursors to give your mouse pointer a personality.
  • Request an icon or a cursor.
  • Create a author account and share your own creations with the world.

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Lastest news

Unicorn3D 2013.1

Unicorn3D is now released as a standalone freeware 3D graphics editor. People, who would like to learn the basics of 3D modelling are welcome to try U3D. The application is released as a portable .zip package that only needs to be unpacked and then run. Download here.

On September 30th 2013.

RealWorld Photos 2013.1

A new version of RWPhotos contains user interface updates from RWPaint, including simplified color and fill style selector, a new drawing tool - Shape, which can also be used to create accurate selections. RWPhotos remains focused on batch image processing and fast photo retouching.

On September 29th 2013.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1

The new version of the cursor editor includes changes in the color picker, drawing tools and image effects, which were first introduced in RealWorld Paint.

On July 11th 2013.

RWPaint 2013.1 service pack 1

RealWorld Paint just got a bit better. It is recommended for all users of the 2013.1 version to get this update. It fixes various errors and there are also a couple of new features. List of changes.

On June 21st 2013.

RealWorld Paint 2013.1 released

After more than a year, there is a new version of RealWorld Paint. The most notable new feature are obviously vector layers.

On March 21st 2013.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2012.1 released

The new version of RealWorld Cursor Editor brings lots of small improvements, but also a couple of important new features, including:

  • Support for multi-resolution Windows 7 cursors.
  • Ability to create cursors from animated GIFs and PNGs and export cursors to these formats.
  • Built-in animation editor instead of the previously available image editor.
  • Fix for a redrawing problem on 64-bit editions of Windows.

On February 29th 2012.

New way to look at your art

Cursor and icon authors now have a new way to look at their art. This new method displays cursor and icon sets created by a single author, orders them by creation date, groups them by months and puts them on a time axis.

On February 25th 2012.

February 2012 - month of Weight Loss

RealWorld applications have been here for almost 7 years now and all this time they have grown and grown. If this trend continues, they will become fat and slow and hard to maintain and use. Time for a diet.

On February 6th 2012.

January 2012 - month of Bug Squashing

Here is my new year resolution: there shall be less errors in my software. And I can use some help with that.

On January 7th 2012.

Image Grid 1.0

Image Grid is a simple tool that allows you to arrange multiple pictues in rows and columns and save the result as a single image. It can be handy when creating a preview of multiple icons or when you want multiple photos as your Desktop background.

On January 2nd 2012.