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Graphic design

Creating your own computer graphics. Questions, guides, tutorials, tips, and best practices.

3D graphics - 52 topics
Images - 64 topics
Icons - 230 topics
Requests - 1198 topics
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Stealer that doesn't steal as often, but still a stealer
updated about 4 hours ago
4 posts
Chat room
by pixel..stars1
updated yesterday
27 posts
Replacing colors
How does one replace colors on cursors?
updated on October 13th
1 posts
How to make cursor sets
I only know how to upload cursors separately
by HungryIronApple
updated on September 21st
2 posts
The stealer: WholesomeMacaroni
updated on August 26th
6 posts
No 64-Bit?
No 64-Bit support on majority of RealWorld Software.
updated on August 19th
2 posts
Paste an image reset tools
by CruzGibbs1975
updated on April 12th
2 posts
How do I change my Avatar Gender?
I have seen that my avatar icon isn't same as others.
updated on December 8th 2019
3 posts
by LOL
updated on December 4th 2019
6 posts
I want to learn about graphic design
by Anonymous
updated on November 26th 2019
3 posts
How to invert colour?
How do I invert the colour of my mouse cursor in the R.W. Cursor editor?
by LeeSpork
updated on August 2nd 2019
5 posts
Loading Sprites
Javascript code for adding Windows 7 or Linux Fedora working in background and busy sprites
updated on May 10th 2019
2 posts
MEGA lightning strike
updated on March 15th 2019
10 posts
Looking for cursor artists
updated on February 8th 2019
5 posts
How do you create backgrounds for the site?
updated on August 28th 2018
4 posts
Image editing Tools
by Anonymous
updated on April 28th 2018
6 posts
online edditer
updated on April 25th 2018
12 posts
How to change the transparency color ?
by kerl
updated on February 6th 2018
9 posts
lightning strike
updated on October 6th 2017
12 posts
How can I create a long shadow?
especially in on reflex arcs
by J
updated on July 22nd 2017
19 posts
How to make cursor always complete animation
in RealWorld Cursor Editor
updated on July 17th 2017
2 posts
You need a cursor sub forum
You need a cursor sub forum
updated on April 21st 2017
3 posts
Icon / Cursor Image Processing
IC Warlock
by codewar65
updated on April 8th 2017
2 posts
How do I mimic this effect?
Like in the ESRB logos?
updated on February 28th 2017
4 posts
lightning strike / mega lightnign strike
problem or issues
updated on November 19th 2016
2 posts
What about ICL files?
Select background
I wish there were...