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Graphic design

Creating your own computer graphics. Questions, guides, tutorials, tips, and best practices.

3D graphics - 50 topics
Images - 57 topics
Icons - 222 topics
Requests - 614 topics
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male boss contest
week contest
updated about 24 hours ago
6 posts
online edditer
updated on March 3rd
1 posts
Is it possible to make lettering look like stone?
by Teraurel
updated on January 21st
2 posts
Chat room
by pixel..stars1
updated on December 8th 2014
20 posts
What's the best method to caption a gif?
I can do it, but some of my gifs have a TON of frames...
updated on November 23rd 2014
3 posts
select tool
by cali
updated on October 4th 2014
3 posts
How do you create backgrounds for the site?
updated on April 17th 2014
1 posts
How do I mimic this effect?
Like in the ESRB logos?
updated on January 18th 2014
3 posts
getting font italic
updated on January 4th 2014
34 posts
How to change the transparency color ?
by kerl
updated on November 25th 2013
7 posts
Motion blur?
How do you do it?
updated on November 19th 2013
2 posts
How do I upload
updated on June 15th 2013
2 posts
Moving Circle at the right of my Cursor
Moving Circle right of my Cursor
by Overheater
updated on May 15th 2013
2 posts
I cant use them
they don't show up please help
updated on April 26th 2013
5 posts
How do i make Smooth Cursors instead of pixels
How do i make Smooth Cursors instead of pixels
updated on April 19th 2013
6 posts
updated on March 18th 2013
6 posts
No buttons?
updated on March 17th 2013
3 posts
How the Heck Do You Get Buttons?
by Auni38
updated on February 25th 2013
8 posts
Someone help!!!
i really need help
by robert
updated on January 23rd 2013
4 posts
transparent backgrounds
how do i make transparent backgrounds on my icons?
updated on November 8th 2012
2 posts
How to make Windows cursors bigger than 32x32?
updated on September 12th 2012
3 posts
What systems do you use to make cursors?
by Universia
updated on September 7th 2012
5 posts
I'm very Newbie Help!
How do i upload cursors?
updated on September 2nd 2012
3 posts
Lens flare
by donovanpl
updated on July 15th 2012
2 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
What about ICL files?