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Graphic design

Creating your own computer graphics. Questions, guides, tutorials, tips, and best practices.

3D graphics - 52 topics
Images - 66 topics
Icons - 230 topics
Requests - 1639 topics
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Is there a paintbrush tool?
like a tool that changes colors in different spots to another color.
updated about 10 hours ago
8 posts
Replace one color with another
Recolor Flood Fill
updated yesterday
3 posts
Chat room
by pixel..stars1
updated on December 10th 2021
28 posts
Text with outline
updated on November 22nd 2021
3 posts
lightning strike
updated on November 6th 2021
13 posts
How do I change my Avatar Gender?
I have seen that my avatar icon isn't same as others.
updated on November 6th 2021
6 posts
How to dither two colors like a checkerboard
Code for a dither tool?
updated on October 14th 2021
1 posts
Cursors in Blender
updated on September 30th 2021
3 posts
Inverted Colors Cursors
like the Windows ones
updated on May 4th 2021
2 posts
Loading Sprites
Javascript code for adding Windows 7 or Linux Fedora working in background and busy sprites
updated on March 19th 2021
5 posts
MEGA lightning strike
updated on February 5th 2021
11 posts
The stealer: WholesomeMacaroni
updated on December 8th 2020
7 posts
Icon / Cursor Image Processing
IC Warlock
by codewar65
updated on November 26th 2020
3 posts
How to invert colour?
How do I invert the colour of my mouse cursor in the R.W. Cursor editor?
by LeeSpork
updated on November 23rd 2020
10 posts
Replacing colors
How does one replace colors on cursors?
updated on October 13th 2020
1 posts
How to make cursor sets
I only know how to upload cursors separately
by HungryIronApple
updated on September 21st 2020
2 posts
No 64-Bit?
No 64-Bit support on majority of RealWorld Software.
updated on August 19th 2020
2 posts
Paste an image reset tools
by CruzGibbs1975
updated on April 12th 2020
2 posts
by LOL
updated on December 4th 2019
6 posts
I want to learn about graphic design
by Anonymous
updated on November 26th 2019
3 posts
Looking for cursor artists
updated on February 8th 2019
5 posts
Image editing Tools
by Anonymous
updated on April 28th 2018
6 posts
online edditer
updated on April 25th 2018
12 posts
How to change the transparency color ?
by kerl
updated on February 6th 2018
9 posts
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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