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user icon Thimbleberries registered user on September 20th

Oh, well I already made a user icon. Neat, huh?

user icon Nibbler registered user on September 20th

I don't see a user icon on your avatar.

user icon Thimbleberries registered user on September 21st

Oh. Well, I think you'll see it later, it's awaiting approval.

user icon Nibbler registered user on September 21st

Send a private message to Vlasta about that. Go to the profile and click Send Message. Then type a title and a message that is about the icon approval. Then click Send.

Hope that helps!

user icon Sum Fun Dude registered user on September 23rd

Hey there nibbler, I got my new icon (woot!) but how do you download it as a png from RealWorld Paint? Please reply :-(

Because I had to go with a white background, and then convert it, because it downloaded as a jpeg.

user icon Nibbler registered user on September 23rd

File > Save As... > Files of type dropdown list > Search for PNG > Name your file > Save Button > Done!

Hope that helps!

user icon Sum Fun Dude registered user on September 24th

Yea, thx! I figured it out before I read your comment, tho. ;-)

user icon Thimbleberries registered user on September 25th

@Nibbler Thanks. icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

user icon .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. registered user yesterday


user icon Nibbler registered user about 7 hours ago

Hey everyone in this website! Go to this link to my blog entry! I am showing you something cool.


user icon Anonymous
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What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...