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Recent comments

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user icon TheNobleForestKing registered user on March 8th

You talking about Nibbler's post? :-D

I think I have seen the cursors you are talking about. And yes, RW is pretty cool.

user icon Anonymous on March 10th

fuck me

user icon TheNobleForestKing registered user on March 10th

@Unknown author
Woah woah woah.
1. Please don't be suicidal, and
2. Please don't talk in rude language.'

I am trying to make RW a good site and I have seen a lot of cursing. Please don't... it may hurt someone's feelings if you use it in a way that people can be strongly effected. I recommend you don't curse at someone at all, especially if he/she is a person whose feelings can be easily effected.

Bottom line, try not to curse again (even though you aren't registered meaning I can't tell who you are)
Have a nice afternoon.

Let me reword that.
Don't be rude to yourself. "Suicidal" means you want to die, not blaming yourself. My bad on the incorrect wording.

user icon twan!!! registered user on March 13th

sub me!

user icon MisterD registered user on March 16th

Does anyone want a golden name? Just PM me, the first is first ;-)

user icon Anonymous on March 19th

I want an Error message maker like Atom smasher's

user icon TheNobleForestKing registered user on March 19th

@Unknown author
Hate to say this but we don't have it.

user icon Anonymous on March 21st

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

user icon TheNobleForestKing registered user yesterday

@Unknown author
Cool! :-)

user icon AT7508912 registered user yesterday


user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...