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user icon Anonymous on September 12th


user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on September 12th

I think Linux looks cool, but Windows supports almost everything in the world. You world need some work to get it to work

rsrc/paulasignature.png image

user icon Anonymous on September 15th

this page is nice

user icon BrandonMrMan registered user on September 15th

i like how people are still using this when its at least 10+ years old.

user icon Anonymous on September 15th

Windows is slow, heavyweight and shit.

and i know how to use wine(Windows Emulator) on linux.

i compiled it myself.

currently i am running puppy-linux and you should try it out :-)

user icon Frangel ッ registered user on September 17th

Hello? 8- :-D

user icon Anonymous on September 18th

how do i get custom cosoer

user icon Benderbee registered user on September 18th

"Windows is slow, heavyweight and shit.
and i know how to use wine(Windows Emulator) on linux.
i compiled it myself.
currently i am running puppy-linux and you should try it out :-)"
- Anonymous user

In earlier versions of Windows, it was possible to choose what you wanted to install, such that it took up as much disk space as you saw fit. For example, Windows 95's minimum install would only turn out to be around 40-ish megabytes. People have probably made modifications to the operating system that allow you to do that as well, however not made official by Microsoft. Besides, hard drives have gotten so big today that I don't see much of a reason to slander Windows for hard disk usage.

The main reason I'm not willing to switch to Linux is due to Windows software compatibility. WINE is a revolutionary bit of software (along with CodeWeavers Crossover), but due to Microsoft's unwillingness to open-source any libraries, WINE will always be a step behind Windows in terms of executable compatibility (though I'm not sure Microsoft would care if you took libraries from Windows 2000).

There are certain programs that I like using that are quite obscure or require special patches in order to work properly. Of course, we could just download all of WINE's available libraries, but then it would contradict your argument as it would likely take up some gigabytes. I myself have experimented with Manjaro to do this. Also, since Linux is used by essentially no one except for tech geeks and some European municipal governments, most software manufacturers are going to focus on your average Joe using Windows rather than you, so it's highly unlikely you'll see a Linux binary download on a web page.

I have the most hope for ReactOS. Granted, it is still based on NT 5.2 and has been in Alpha since its conception in the late 90s (did the developers skip version 0.4.14?), but it is open-source and aims for out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows. Given its full potential, as well as a more rigid release schedule, I can see it as the future of Windows-compatible computing.

... Oh, and did I mention that average Joes can't use the Terminal?

user icon Anonymous on September 18th

i like men

user icon Anonymous on September 20th

Anthony A

user icon Anonymous
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