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user icon denizdiaz7 registered user on September 21st

Hola amigos ,mi ingles es escaso , soy nuevo en esto y me gustaria saber mas aserca de esta pagina , ya e montado unos cursores , por favor ectualisemen sobre el tema , cuales son los beneficios de crear cursores ,como ayudo en esta pagina y como sacarle el mayor probecho a la misma , Gracias por su resivimiento .....SALUDOS 8-)

user icon Anonymous on October 18th

what a nice cursor its complete THANK YOU!!! :-D 8-) |-) :-D :-) ;-)

(_)(_)ZZZZZD :-o

user icon AuburnAngel registered user on October 19th

hey!! im new and have been using this for a while. btw this site is awesome!! perfect for mouse pointer creators and people who just want to have some fun!! thanks for this site

user icon Anonymous on October 27th


can somebody help me

i can not see fill and outline in software

user icon Anonymous on November 14th

epic 8-)

user icon Anonymous on November 16th

Make a cursor with my name!.... My name is Kamari !!!!!!!

user icon Anonymous on November 21st

can you guys make marshmello cursors plz that would be so cool

user icon Nikentomolog registered user on November 27th

I can give a free gray or purple spray paint. Who wants it?

user icon Anonymous on December 2nd

hi im french

salut les gens

user icon The Muffin Man registered user on December 7th

Hey, guys.

I'm back!

Sorry about the delay and the inbox about too many messages to count. I will be on this website only on workdays where I get freetime. I haven't been here for a long time, since I've been using a TI calculator for coding or drawing road maps, etc.


Thank you so much for the dissolvents. I haven't been on this website for months, so I couldn't reply with you at that time.

user icon Anonymous
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