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Off-topic discussion, but no spamming! Anonymous users may post here, though your topic may be moved to a more appropriate section.

The Miscellaneous Thread
This topic is to remain in general chat. Post whatever you want here.
updated about 23 hours ago
131 posts
Did you like the software?
The Official thread where you can say what you want about the software or site.
by 4m
updated yesterday
93 posts
Forum post formatting
and other info
updated on December 17th 2012
60 posts
Cursor reaction upon mouse-click
Read more for details.
by Anonymous
updated on November 28th 2012
16 posts
Posting Rules
Things to do when posting...
updated on January 18th 2011
3 posts
minecraft chat
chat about minecraft
updated on April 13th
6 posts
Your Expirences
Post your expirences
updated on April 13th
2 posts
Who plays Age of empires II?
Its a game.
by Ricon
updated on March 21st
11 posts
Flappy Bird Cursors
I have a set
updated on March 20th
2 posts
Editing a text layer from Photoshop CC?
by Anonymous
updated on March 17th
3 posts
Is it possible to revoke or change a cursor set that I have subm
I want to know how I can change the three cursors that are displayed in the thumbnail.
updated on March 15th
8 posts
Navigator Tool?
by Anonymous
updated on March 7th
2 posts
Paste From like in MS Paint
(Insert other image)
updated on March 3rd
3 posts
removing the background of image's
by Anonymous
updated on February 4th
2 posts
Theme of the Month (May 2013)
updated on January 19th
5 posts
Who Wants A Roll Of Yellow Wrapping Paper?
Trade for Gray
by cdl
updated on January 19th
3 posts
Buttons for Paint
I'll trade 8, 10, 15 buttons for...
by cdl
updated on January 19th
13 posts
RW Paint GiveAway Drawing
My first 1000 downloads is coming!
by cdl
updated on January 19th
8 posts
Theme of the Month
April 2013
updated on January 19th
3 posts
Theme of the Month (June 2013)
updated on January 19th
9 posts
Theme Of The Month Contest!
official listing
by cdl
updated on January 19th
7 posts
change email
updated on January 11th
5 posts
pointer has no customization
cursor wont load
by Anonymous
updated on January 5th
2 posts
Contest (Winner gets Prize!)
Your job is to make an icon and give me the link.
updated on January 4th
1 posts
hi i have some spray paint
need change it for buttons please
by Mei
updated on January 4th
10 posts
Select background
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons