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Off-topic discussion, but no spamming! Anonymous users may post here, though your topic may be moved to a more appropriate section.

The Miscellaneous Thread
This topic is to remain in general chat. Post whatever you want here.
updated on March 13th
283 posts
Cursor reaction upon mouse-click
Read more for details.
by Anonymous
updated on January 20th
21 posts
Did you like the software?
The Official thread where you can say what you want about the software or site.
by 4m
updated on March 23rd 2018
123 posts
Forum post formatting
and other info
updated on December 17th 2012
58 posts
Posting Rules
Things to do when posting...
updated on January 18th 2011
3 posts
Cursor Editor for Chromebook
updated on March 24th
9 posts
by tantrikbabaji
updated on March 24th
1 posts
Male masturbation
by bob
updated on March 24th
1 posts
love problem solution baba ji
love problem solution
by Anonymous
updated on March 23rd
1 posts
by Joe
updated on March 13th
13 posts
Engagement Rings
Our top Unique Engagement Rings
by jons
updated on March 12th
1 posts
Cosmic Journalists
The cosmic journey topic!
updated on February 9th
6 posts
Account Is Now Broken
Broken Account
by Anonymous
updated on January 24th
1 posts
Windows 7 Fanatics!
Share your memories of one of the best Windows OSes ever!
updated on January 15th
1 posts
Your favorite OS (operative system)
This is where you can say your favorite OS and what you like about it!
updated on January 15th
8 posts
Learn to Fly 3?
(It's a fun game)
updated on January 9th
3 posts
cursor from image
cursor from image, how to proceed
by genway
updated on December 26th 2019
2 posts
How to change icon in pc
Change icons
by Anonymous
updated on December 20th 2019
2 posts
Selling Spray Paints and Wrapping Paper Pieces
I'm selling spray paints, I figured I'd make my own forum topic because I've been posting in other people's
updated on December 18th 2019
2 posts
How do I delete a cursor I made?
updated on December 11th 2019
3 posts
Selling Sprays
updated on December 9th 2019
4 posts
Selling Spray's for buttons
Selling Spray for buttons
updated on December 4th 2019
7 posts
15 Puzzle Buttons
Why does the 15 puzzle not give me buttons?
updated on December 2nd 2019
4 posts
Changing exsisting cursors
by Anonymous
updated on December 1st 2019
2 posts
Where do we find puzzles?
updated on December 1st 2019
2 posts
What about ICL files?
Select background
I wish there were...