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Off-topic discussion, but no spamming! Anonymous users may post here, though your topic may be moved to a more appropriate section.

The Miscellaneous Thread
This topic is to remain in general chat. Post whatever you want here.
updated about 23 hours ago
802 posts
Cursor reaction upon mouse-click
Read more for details.
by Anonymous
updated on May 9th
38 posts
Text Formatting (for comments and blogs)
Updated to add more info
updated on April 14th
3 posts
Did you like the software?
The Official thread where you can say what you want about the software or site.
by 4m
updated on March 23rd 2018
123 posts
Posting Rules
Things to do when posting...
updated on January 18th 2011
3 posts
how do i animate cursors?
updated about 47 minutes ago
5 posts
réutiliser le curseur
by Anonymous
updated about 9 hours ago
1 posts
updated on May 29th
1 posts
ASCII Thread
Got any ASCII art/ideas post them here!
updated on May 28th
30 posts
Help, I can't use my profile pic!
Please help
updated on May 26th
5 posts
New cursor ideas
updated on May 21st
24 posts
Bored? You're at the right place!
updated on May 20th
4 posts
it my birthday :D
updated on May 20th
13 posts
Eevelover's toxic behiavor
Let's talk about his rude behiavor
updated on May 9th
10 posts
Help, I'm trying to find the best ways to get buttons.
please help, you read the title
updated on May 9th
3 posts
General chat
here you can talk about anything,but respecting the rules
updated on April 26th
66 posts
Theme of the month contest for March
updated on April 25th
44 posts
New ideas
Hi there everybody! Here you can make your questions for inspiration
updated on April 22nd
2 posts
If you like DELTARUNE Chapter 1/ Chapter 2, this is for you.
updated on April 21st
9 posts
she is butiful
the giral who iam saaw
by Anonymous
updated on April 17th
4 posts
Looking for friends
Discord user:camilagacha#3682
by Anonymous
updated on April 16th
2 posts
Cursor animation resets
The animation resets after i hover over text select for example
by Anonymous
updated on April 11th
2 posts
Skunckie's stand
updated on April 6th
3 posts
What about ICL files?
Select background
I wish there were...