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Off-topic discussion, but no spamming! Anonymous users may post here, though your topic may be moved to a more appropriate section.

Did you like the software?
The Official thread where you can say what you want about the software or site.
by 4m
updated about 14 hours ago
117 posts
The Miscellaneous Thread
This topic is to remain in general chat. Post whatever you want here.
updated on August 19th
200 posts
Cursor reaction upon mouse-click
Read more for details.
by Anonymous
updated on March 17th
19 posts
Forum post formatting
and other info
updated on December 17th 2012
58 posts
Posting Rules
Things to do when posting...
updated on January 18th 2011
3 posts
what would you do in april fools day?
suggest what prank are you gonna do to your friends in april fools day
updated on August 20th
2 posts
Daily Jokes/Chistes Diarios
Come here daily!
updated on August 19th
1 posts
Delete Program from computer
by Anonymous
updated on August 17th
2 posts
Invisible Mice
Scrolling on websites
updated on August 4th
2 posts
SpaceWorld Contest!
Win some spray paint!
updated on August 4th
68 posts
Anyone want a stonemason tools?
updated on August 4th
1 posts
ios 10 free
public beta
updated on July 30th
2 posts
some people are just lazy
updated on July 27th
51 posts
Spherize tool needed!
by Pritish Shakya
updated on July 24th
2 posts
by Eminem
updated on July 13th
5 posts
Profile Picture
I can offer to make anybody a profile picture.
updated on May 21st
6 posts
Profile Icon/Icono Del Perfil
updated on May 20th
1 posts
David Bowie
Request for David Bowie cursors
updated on May 12th
1 posts
How do I get my saved cursor set to work?
I need a lot of help right now!
by Anonymous
updated on May 7th
2 posts
"assuming you have XP"
by Anonymous
updated on May 4th
4 posts
15 Puzzle For Sale
Anybody wanna buy my 15 puzzle for 13 buttons?
updated on May 2nd
3 posts
Icon/Cursor Set Icon
How about a feature to change the icon of a set?
updated on May 1st
2 posts
A button for Great work.
most downloaded set users must get some extra buttons
by J
updated on April 19th
16 posts
Windows XP
Don't you think we NEED Windows XP.
updated on April 1st
20 posts
What about ICL files?
Select background
I wish there were...