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Cursors will not stay

Keeps going back to default when I start laptop.
on September 11th 2011

My new HP Pavilion laptop seems to dislike when I change cursors. First I installed CursorFX from Wincustomize, each time I open the laptop from sleep it would not respond, I'd have to force it to shut down. I discovered what was causing it and uninstall CursorFX. Everything was fine but I wanted a less plain pointer and found this site. I downloaded a couple of sets and all seemed perfect for one day, but it now returns to default every time I start the laptop up. I'm baffled and not very techy. Tried several different cursors with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

on September 11th 2011

I have heard report of this happening on Windows Vista and Windows 7. The suggested workarounds include:

  • Unchecking the "Allow themes to change mouse pointers" near the bottom of the Pointer tab in the Mouse control panel.
  • Copying the cursors to the C:\Windows\cursors folder or possibly into another folder, where the computer can always access them (some files in your Documents folder may only by accessible to you and not to the system or other users).

It is also possible that Microsoft releases an update that fixes this issue so I would recommend keeping your Windows updated.

on September 11th 2011

I tried the first suggestion, shut down, then started up and it had again reverted to the default cursors. So I tried your second and copied them into the Windows/Cursor folder, then started it up again and it worked!!!
Thank you so much, who knew my laptop couldn't think outside the box, or should I say 'folder'. Thanks :O)

on April 5th 2013

I was facing same problem but I reinstalled the Windows and now it is okay.

on April 12th 2013

Must have been annoying!

on May 3rd 2013

For me the cursors are always the Windows 7 defaults when I boot, but they change to what I'm actually using when I open mouse properties, click the Pointers tab and click Ok.

on June 25th 2013

I have no problems with cursors

on April 6th 2016

Why did the old 3D Bronze, 3D silver, and other system schemes from Windows XP get deleted when Windows 7 came out?! I wanted these cursors!

on April 8th 2016

@Spaceman: I don't know if these are the ones ur looking for?

I know I've seen another set and I'll keep looking...

You can try ur hand at converting.

on April 27th 2016

3D Bronze, 3D silver, Dinosaur, Windows Animated, Old Fashioned, Hands 1, Hands 2, and Conductor. (marked as "system scheme")

on May 4th 2016

Check out You might find them as individual sets. Hope that helps.

on May 4th 2016

What I am talking about are Windows XP cursors, not CursorFX.

on May 30th 2016

@spaced-out(spaceman): No kidding Sherlock! CursorFX is a program NOT a cursor. There are windows XP cursors there, not all of them, as I have stated. Obviously, there's more than one and you'd have to look-see which ones you wanted. Example (so you get it): Different styles or "system schemes"/colors/transparencies/special effects, etc. You may find a tricked-out version of them. You need the image(s) to make into a cursor therefore you may need to do some work. In fact, I'm using 3D Silver but am switching to windows animated right now... If they don't have what you're looking for, pacifically, then just say that.

on June 6th 2016

They are removed when either Windows Vista or 7 came out.

on June 13th 2016

There's copies of them. There's modified versions of them. They're everywhere. You just can't find them???

on August 4th 2016

The original ones, yes.

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