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Hello, it's me! I'm a graphics designer who is best at Linux cursors and pixelated cursors and icons. Hope you enjoy the time around me! :-)

I found this site, and decided to make cursors and icons when I created my account in October 27, 2015.

Check out my emoji here. Use them wherever you go!

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none yet... stay tuned!

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3D Silver Cursors (73 cursors)

Released on February 1st 2019 by The Muffin Man

This time, I actually made these. One time, cdl and Vlasta were criticizing me about stealing cursors from and using them to make me claim them as mine as I was publishing them on this website.

I included some Windows 10 Aero styled cursors. I even added some other cursors recolored to the silver color. I also included hand link selects styled to the 3D silver color style.


2/1/2019Set created
2/4/2019Added some hand cursors
Added some more cursors


Added some more hand cursors
Stopwatch cursors were fixed to match the timing with the new hand stopwatch cursors.
Added some more cursors


Latest art

Little People TeaserLittle People Cursors
by The Muffin Man370A set with characters from the TV show Little People. Enjoy! ;)
Little People TeaserLittle People Icons
by The Muffin Man21These characters are from Fisher Price's show called "Little People"....
Classic Black TeaserClassic Black Cursors
by The Muffin Man1088A set of black cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|A...
Classic Purple TeaserClassic Purple Cursors
by The Muffin Man915A set of purple cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|...
Classic Blue TeaserClassic Blue Cursors
by The Muffin Man957A set of blue cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|Ad...
Classic Green TeaserClassic Green Cursors
by The Muffin Man880A set of green cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|A...
Classic Yellow TeaserClassic Yellow Cursors
by The Muffin Man783A set of yellow cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|...
Classic Orange TeaserClassic Orange Cursors
by The Muffin Man760A set of orange cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|...
Classic Red TeaserClassic Red Cursors
by The Muffin Man1045A set of red cursors. |3/1/2019|Set created |- |=== 3/14/2019 ===|Add...
3D Silver Teaser3D Silver Cursors
by The Muffin Man985This time, I actually made these. One time, cdl and Vlasta were criti...

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user icon CookiesAndMilkCat registered user on August 25th 2018


user icon Newbieme registered user on November 5th 2018

icon-image/16346-16x16x32.png image icon-image/16346-16x16x32.png image icon-image/16346-16x16x32.png image

user icon The Muffin Man contributing user on December 11th 2018

Hey there, Newbieme! Welcome to RealWorld Graphics. I hope you enjoy the time here. icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

user icon Anonymous on December 19th 2018


I love ur CURSORS

user icon Anonymous on January 10th

ur cusers are fire i love the got em hand ;-)

user icon The Muffin Man contributing user on January 15th

Thanks! icon-image/14484-16x16x32.png image

user icon Geometrybrah registered user on February 1st

nice to see you online more often now :-)

user icon The Muffin Man contributing user on February 4th

Thanks! And to you, too. icon-image/14879-16x16x32.png image

user icon The Muffin Man contributing user on February 6th

Just to let you know guys, I got a new avatar! :-)
It's all vectorized using RealWorld Paint, using the brush tool instead of the complex vector layer tool. My favourite shirt is a shirt with the words Ctrl V in it. And that was inspiring me to add it to my avatar.

user icon The Muffin Man contributing user on February 8th

Black Transparent Cursor Set

Click a cursor to download it! Tell me if you like it!

With Tail
cursor-72573 cursor-72596 cursor-120711 cursor-120715 cursor-120719 cursor-120787 cursor-120712 cursor-120716 cursor-120725 cursor-120786 cursor-72586 cursor-72587 cursor-72588 cursor-120763 cursor-72591 cursor-72598 cursor-72592 cursor-72593 cursor-120717 cursor-72585 cursor-72594 cursor-120718
Without Tail
cursor-72574 cursor-72595 cursor-72578 cursor-120714 cursor-72586 cursor-72587 cursor-72588 cursor-120764 cursor-72591 cursor-72598 cursor-72592 cursor-72593 cursor-120717 cursor-72585 cursor-72594 cursor-120718
With Long Tail
cursor-120760 cursor-120759 cursor-120766 cursor-120788 cursor-120758 cursor-120789 cursor-72586 cursor-72587 cursor-120761 cursor-120765 cursor-72591 cursor-72598 cursor-72592 cursor-72593 cursor-120717 cursor-72585 cursor-72594 cursor-120718

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