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Context does not appear

on November 22nd 2009

resize pictures does not appear when I right click pictures. It DOES appear when I right click FOLDERS.

I looked in the registry, and the resize entries are under folder and JPG shell entries...

deleting folders does not help.

Win 7 64 bit

on December 5th 2009

"resize pictures does not appear when I right click pictures. It DOES appear when I right click FOLDERS." "Win 7 64 bit."

Sorry this post is only to concur that I am also using Win 7 64 bit and I have exactly the same problem. I actually used both versions of the Picture Resizer and same exact problem with each. I put a pictue in a temp folder and ran the resizer against the folder and the picture was resized, but this is not how I want to used the software, Please Help Gelat and Me. Thanks.

on December 5th 2009

Well, I guess Microsoft changed the rules for shell extension in Win 7. Again. I'll have to do some testing on how the Windows 7 adapt the code...

Pricture Resizer tries to be as unobtrusive as possible when registering for the context menu, so if the structure in the registry is different than it used to be, it may not find the right place to write its stuff to.

Are you by any chance using a customized software that registers itself as .jpg handler or is this plain Windows 7 behavior?

on December 6th 2009

Vlasta, thanks for looking into this. No hurries. In regard to your question about customized software registering the .jpg handler. I believe not, but I have loaded Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6 and Office 2007 which has a photo manager, and I installed Live Photo Gallery. When I double click on an image in "windows explorer" the default action is to open the image in Windows Live Photo Gallery. I did try and run another resizer app called "ImageResizerClone-2.0 for Win 7-n-Vista" it worked in Vista but it also no longer works in 64bit Win 7. If you give a hint on what key to look at in registry, I could provide more info. Again Thanks in advance for looking into this, you have a really great little app here and I really want to continue to use it in the 64 bit world.

on April 20th 2010

The Same with VISTA, please help

on July 12th 2011

I have also this problem. It worked well for while and then resize disappeared from right-click menu.

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