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Script Exchange
Post your scripts, and find some more
by ___xed___
updated on July 30th 2018
4 posts
Scripting tips and tutorials
updated on March 17th 2014
4 posts
A script to animate a small rumble (blurry effect if needed)
This will be very useful for my upcoming cursors
updated on February 12th
3 posts
Help! Document.Animation.GetFrame(0) not working!
updated on August 17th 2023
1 posts
A Script Request (RWPaint user)
plus an idea for forum expansion
by ___xed___
updated on June 2nd 2023
21 posts
How to get selection using JSScripting?
updated on October 24th 2022
8 posts
Script, Transfer image layer to alpha layer
updated on October 21st 2022
1 posts
count the number of pixels of a certain color
in RW-Paint
updated on October 8th 2022
5 posts
Transparent Coding
I need a code ASAP
updated on November 22nd 2021
3 posts
Requesting a graphing calculator.
Can it be done?
updated on December 12th 2019
6 posts
Create icon from image, but only certain sizes and bit'th
updated on December 12th 2019
5 posts
A script to make everything into 24x24 PNG files?
batchop request :- }
updated on December 3rd 2019
2 posts
Help with coding
I need help with coding using javascript
updated on July 12th 2018
4 posts
How to minimize scripting
by Anonymous
updated on September 8th 2016
1 posts
A request/question
Want to know if I can make RWP act a certain way
by jeran
updated on August 10th 2016
2 posts
How about a script to chop (parse?) an image into tiles?
RW Icon Editor
updated on June 26th 2016
8 posts
Letters/Names Following Mouse Pointer
Letters as Mouse Tail
updated on August 29th 2015
1 posts
Scripted/Batch cropping?
in RW Icon Editor
updated on May 19th 2015
3 posts
Script to replace all pixels of a color?
I know we covered it before but I can't find it...
updated on November 4th 2014
3 posts
Request: Black&White to Black & Transparent?
Can you make a script that makes white invisible, grey transparent, and so on?
updated on October 22nd 2014
4 posts
adding a link to my new icon
Simple desktop *.ico
by lilli789
updated on June 10th 2014
2 posts
The filmstrip exporter should have a reverse function...
updated on April 16th 2014
3 posts
How to make RWCommand files?
and how do I edit the toolbars BTW?
updated on December 14th 2013
2 posts
Select background
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons