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Customizing destination folder and file name
can't get it to work!
by Anonymous
updated on January 21st
35 posts
Resize failing on larger files (>20MB)
by Eric
updated on March 21st 2023
2 posts
Picture Resizer for PNGs, GIFs, BMPs,...
updated on December 7th 2022
22 posts
Move resized pictures to subfolder
by Pandorum
updated on May 15th 2020
2 posts
Resize PPT slides to JPEG?
by leechunsonnn
updated on September 24th 2018
2 posts
Recusive in place resizing not workink?
by Lee
updated on June 15th 2018
3 posts
Windows 10 x64 right-click issue
by backd00r
updated on February 21st 2018
2 posts
Retain name
by traffwll
updated on October 25th 2017
6 posts
the software cannot work
please help me
by rodent
updated on March 2nd 2017
4 posts
Batch file - limitation to the number of files
by bobsayshello
updated on December 22nd 2016
2 posts
Drag & Drop to subfolder
Resize a photo to a subfolder
by bobsayshello
updated on May 25th 2016
4 posts
Having problems with the right batch command
by T64
updated on April 24th 2016
6 posts
Can you resize images and change the DPI at the same time?
by Flip807
updated on December 2nd 2014
7 posts
Can't get the Picture Resizer to work?!
by Aze
updated on September 30th 2014
9 posts
Simply mirror folder A->B resizing the JPGs smaller?
by NeilF
updated on August 8th 2014
4 posts
DPI of some pictures changed after processing.
by PiBa
updated on August 17th 2013
6 posts
Picture resizes properties
Viewing properties of a picture
by JacG
updated on August 17th 2013
2 posts
Overwritting original files
by labresse
updated on July 16th 2013
4 posts
Extend canvas in one axis without adjusting the other
by stumped
updated on June 4th 2013
3 posts
<EXT> for "-c" option
.jpg vs .JPG
by adynis
updated on May 30th 2013
2 posts
Change from Pixels to cms
by Swampy Green Frog
updated on January 16th 2013
1 posts
Drag and Drop resize asked picture and prévious ones
by YPA
updated on November 2nd 2012
3 posts
-p plus -d in one commandline
by -hans-
updated on October 20th 2012
3 posts
Resize PPT slides to JPEG?
Can PPT slides be resized in Picture Resizer?
by Janice
updated on October 17th 2012
3 posts
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?