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Official announcements regarding RealWorld software or this website.

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Introducing Icon assembler
a new online tool
updated on December 15th 2019
3 posts
List of most productive artists
in the Gallery
updated on December 15th 2019
9 posts
Gallery pages updated
updated on September 7th 2017
5 posts
RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1
user interface updates from RWPaint
updated on June 9th 2017
5 posts
Batch Icon Extractor released
easy-to-use & free
updated on September 24th 2016
3 posts
RealWorld Photos 2013.1
user interface updates from RWPaint
updated on October 16th 2013
2 posts
Unicorn3D 2013.1
simple 3D editor
updated on October 9th 2013
3 posts
RWPaint 2013.1 service pack 1
bug fixes and minor enhancements
updated on June 26th 2013
4 posts
RealWorld Paint 2013.1 released
vector layers have arrived
updated on March 22nd 2013
2 posts
RealWorld Cursor Editor 2012.1 released
with animated GIF import/export
updated on November 17th 2012
4 posts
RealWorld Paint 2011.1 released
now supporting animations
updated on May 21st 2012
5 posts
New way to look at your art
accessible from your profile page
updated on February 29th 2012
3 posts
February 2012 - month of Weight Loss
RealWorld tools need a diet
updated on February 10th 2012
10 posts
January 2012 - month of Bug Squashing
just software bugs, don't worry
updated on January 7th 2012
1 posts
Image Grid 1.0
another free tool has arrived
updated on January 2nd 2012
1 posts
Picture Resizer 6.0
with auto-rotation
updated on November 7th 2011
1 posts
November 2011 - month of Documentation
knowledge is power
updated on November 1st 2011
1 posts
October 2011 - month of Animation
the illusion of movement
updated on October 31st 2011
3 posts
Animated previews of cursors in the library
for browsers supporting APNG format
updated on October 17th 2011
3 posts
September 2011 - month of Feedback
how to write a great review
updated on September 5th 2011
6 posts
August 2011 - summer summary
updated on August 10th 2011
5 posts
July 2011 - month of Scripting
let the computer do it for you
updated on August 7th 2011
4 posts
June 2011 - month of Colors
there is more to color than meets the eye
updated on June 2nd 2011
1 posts
May 2011 - month of Artists
the wish-granting month
updated on June 2nd 2011
14 posts
April 2011 - month of Kaleidoscope
instant cuteness
updated on April 12th 2011
2 posts
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