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I think I found a bug in the Layer Merger.

Ignores blending mode settings.
Vector Lightning
on November 1st 2014

I noticed a bug, particularly about the layer merge tools and blending mode. I have a lot of layers in this document, and one is a silhouette for another. I was trying to go for something like the example in the link below if you're curious, but anyway I merged the two topmost layers, a black vector layer with transparent text and silhouette blend, and a vector layer with a gradient. When I merged them though I got just the topmost layer.

I played with this, and found that if I move the two layers to a new document it works as expected, resulting in a raster layer like the example I tried to copy. And I also noticed that when it didn't work, it just copied the vectors from one layer onto the other. I tried rasterizing then merging, but I just ended up with a completely blank layer somehow (???) Can I get help here?
(Edit: I actually did eventually get it fixed, but that involved using multiple documents. It's weird, it works but only if those are the only two layers involved.)

Expectations: http://iceflowstudios.com/v3/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/LayerMasked1.jpg

Reality: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9potmffi6scwxyf/awesome2.rli?dl=0

on November 1st 2014

I did some tests and it is indeed a bug, but another kind than you would probably expect. The intended behavior in this case is actually an error message "Selected layers cannot be merged without changing the image." instead of the blank layer.

The Silhouette style makes it impossible to merge just the two layers and maintain the overall look. The Silhouette interacts with every layer beneath it and if it is removed, the effect is lost.

Perhaps it would be better to ask the user if they want to perform the merge anyway in this case.

(It works if there are only 2 layers, because in that case, it can be performed and the whole image stays the same. If the bug wasn't there it would also work if you moved the 2 layers all the way down and then merged.)

on November 1st 2014

Fix is here http://download.rw-designer.com/2013.1/RWViewImageRaster.dll
It will at least allow you to move the 2 layers down and then merge them.

Vector Lightning
on November 1st 2014

Interesting. Thanks a bunch, for both the change and the tip!

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