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RealWorld Cursor Editor Issues.

on March 31st 2017

I use both RealWorld Cursor Editor (RWCE) and RealWorld Icon Editor (RWIE) software. Some concerns.

1) I have been required to uninstall and install these numerous times since I started using them as at some point they fail to launch. This might be due to RWIE installed is 64 bit and RWCE is only available in 32 bit. There might be some conflicting dlls shared between the two.

2) When installing RWCE, it ignores the Installation path and installs it on the root of C:. This is a huge no-no!

Can we get an updated version of the cursor editor? In 64 bit? That installs correctly?

In the mean time, is there a correct procedure to install RWCE 32-bit?


on March 31st 2017

Not sure why, it could be my system, but RWIE is also installing on C:/.

A work-around for me is to use the portable versions of the RW software and not install at all. Unzip into a clean folder and create a desktop icon.

on April 1st 2017

If it is installing on C:\ there is something wrong most likely with your computer. The same applies if you needed to re-install. Check for viruses.

on April 5th 2017

No viruses here. I keep my definitions up to date and on active scan and scan on a regular basis. Comodo Antivirus along with Malwarebytes anti-malware and Spybot Search and Destroy.

There must be some anomaly with my system and will look into it. Thanks for the response.

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