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Unknown author (2013-01-08 04:10:05):

son geniales :-)

cdl (2013-01-19 11:48:39 / 3.5 stars):

I do like the glove and think the animated one is cute!

You seem to have lost the shadow when you created the same in different colors.
Try to color in sections or use a color changing tool instead of colorize.

icon-image/3089-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-01-20 01:52:59):

frckn awesome dude

Unknown author (2014-03-03 03:59:03):

Nice work!
The glove as a cursor just seems so much more appropriate. :-)

jujuh (2015-02-02 23:43:37 / 4 stars):

very highly of these bom.Gostei their cursors .... just did not like that blue +

Unknown author (2015-03-06 21:38:28):

Game is pretty fun but gets grindy later on

Unknown author (2015-04-18 13:21:50):

It's great! Thanks for making it.

Unknown author (2015-06-26 02:51:25):

Sweet thanks got this ~! ( >v<)b

Unknown author (2015-07-27 17:18:28):

Please Can You Make This Available For Macbook Too?
:-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2015-07-27 17:48:48):

This Is Really GREAT! Looks Cute On My Win 8.1! Thx! ;-) :-D :-)

Unknown author (2016-01-31 12:25:13):

this is hella cool

Unknown author (2017-11-19 18:24:18):

This is cool ^^

Unknown author (2018-05-12 11:22:54):


david ninh rammish drive

Unknown author (2018-10-18 01:52:29):

doesn't work because half the files don't appear when I drag them into Cursors. The files do download, though. :-(

Unknown author (2018-10-25 02:06:11):

Yay! These are amazing!

Unknown author (2018-12-03 00:36:07):

it says theres a cursor named it already in there

Unknown author (2019-09-25 06:08:24):

thank you!

Unknown author (2020-03-19 06:46:05):

Amazin stuff just wow

Unknown author (2020-03-19 06:47:26):

I can't believe someone has done this, just wow!

Unknown author (2020-06-20 04:13:38):

amazingggg ty!!! :DDDDD :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2020-11-05 05:54:31):

Hope someone will do a higher res (supporting 4k) version of these someday! Been using them nearly a decade now :-D

(to be clear - their size is fine on 4k but they're a lil bit blurry)

Unknown author (2021-01-13 06:05:20):

이.이게 뭐노

Unknown author (2021-06-22 01:18:03):

you guys have that old oldschool cursor?

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