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Downloading free icons

This library contains computer icons (.ico files) for Microsoft Windows systems. Each .ico file contains multiple images in various color depths and sized. Icons may be downloaded as .ico files or as indivifual .png images. Learn more about icons.

Latest icon sets

20 most recent icon sets that follow the quality guidelines.

Little People TeaserLittle People Icons
by The Muffin Man18These characters are from Fisher Price's show called "Little People"....
Football Teams TeaserFootball Teams Icons
by Mabzev47This is a set of icons based on the 5 most important argentinian foot...
Colorful Smiley TeaserColorful Smiley Icons
by Diskette133Some colorful smileys pack I made! I created them all using some basi...
Custom 5×7 Dot Matrix Character TeaserCustom 5×7 Dot Matrix Character Icons
by The Muffin Man28This is a custom set of the 5×7 Dot Matrix Character Icons.
Basic Shape TeaserBasic Shape Icons
by microwave31Basic Black Shapes for any use on your computer!
16×16 Hershey's Candy Teaser16×16 Hershey's Candy Icons
by The Muffin Man59A list of candy that The Hershey Company makes. It's not very many, b...
5×7 Dot Matrix Character Teaser5×7 Dot Matrix Character Icons
by The Muffin Man78These are like what you see on a calculator or any other device with ...
Pyramid Head MLP TeaserPyramid Head MLP Icons
by adrenochromedream42Pyramid Head My Little Pony icons
Video Game Character T-Pose TeaserVideo Game Character T-Pose Icons
by BurninLitt14111Video Game Characters As .ico Files (Icons)
Medals - Rank TeaserMedals - Rank Icons
by George58Created these icons for ranks or achivements for forums or clanpages....
Sphere Collection TeaserSphere Collection Icons
by George257Sphere Collection - use for whatever you want
roblox action pack! props Teaserroblox action pack! props Icons
by fazmade11232need some building! characters:
roblox action pack! characters Teaserroblox action pack! characters Icons
by fazmade112172need some more life? players! buildings:
Deadpool TeaserDeadpool Icons
by adrenochromedream1714Deadpool icons
roblox memeys Teaserroblox memeys Icons
by fazmade1121076these are icons i made for my laptop. i find them to be funny, so i m...
Mix & Mash TeaserMix & Mash Icons
by adrenochromedream133A mixed mash-up of colorful fun icons
Torus TeaserTorus Icons
by RIDDLER134I have created this one of a kind torus set. This set has 20 torus ic...
Bullet Points TeaserBullet Points Icons
by RIDDLER164This is my bullet points set. Use them as bullet points in applicatio...

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Icon junkyard

Not everybody uploads enough icons to create an icon sets. Such submitions end up on the icon junkyard. Despite the name, there are some worthy pieces. Check them out.

Adding your icons to the library

If you are an author of an icon or icon set, you may present your work to visitors of this web site. Authors of great icons will receive discounts or even a free licenses of our software. To add your icons to the library:

  • Get RealWorld Icon Editor (you may use it for 30 days for free).
  • Open an icon file, and click the command "Icon"->"Add to Online Library" from application menu.
    • When uploading, please use the same email address associated with your account on this server.
    • Carefully choose file name and fill in the description. This helps people to find your icon when using the search box.
  • The icons are by default added to the "Unclassified" category. If you have already added multiple icons with similar theme and you would like to have them turned into a icon set, register or login and return to this page.
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