Online tools for icons and cursors

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This browser application lets you import an image and turn it into a small icon. The icon can used as a favicon for your web site or on your desktop to customize folder or drive icons.

This online tool lets you create shortcut to a web site and embedd icon into it. It produces a small .exe file with the icon and a single command that opens the web site you specify. Since it is an .exe file, there is no ugly arrow overlaid over your icon.

Draw a custom Windows mouse cursor in the browser. Use tools like pencil, line, ellipe, and apply effects like drop shadow or colorize. Created cursors may be downloaded or added to the cursor gallery. Animated cursors are not supported.

If you have a suitable image and need an icon for your application, use this free online tool to convert it. Also, be sure to read about image to icon conversion and its pitfalls.

Create your own icons from a collection of graphic elements. Select one of the collections of elements created by various authors.

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