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RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1

"The all-in-one icon tool." - rss feed

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Download RealWorld Icon Editor for Windows RWIconEditor32.msi (12.2 MB)

Portable version: (13.4 MB)
64-bit edition: RWIconEditor64.msi (13.6 MB)
Beta: (15.7 MB)
Daily (unstable): (18.0 MB)

System requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Mouse, truecolor display, 40MB HDD

Top quality

God is in the details. Let RealWorld Icon Editor take care of them and you just enjoy the results.


Icon making is a skill everyone can master. Artistic talent is optional, enthusiasm is mandatory.

It's living

The software evolves in time. Get ready for new media packs, extensions, and free updates.

Sample tutorials

Compose icons from parts

Create icons from photographs

Egyptian pyramid icon in 3D

Simple 3D glass icon

More resources:

More than an icon editor

RealWorld Icon Editor is a complete solution for icons and does not depend on other software to create icons with professional look and feel.

With RealWorld Icon Editor, you can:

  • Create icons from .jpg, .png, .psd, .bmp, .gif images.
  • Paint icons in an image editor with layers.
  • Make icons from 3D models.
  • Assemble icons from premade parts.
  • Manage icon libraries.

Create icons, images, and 3D objects
The application allows you to work with 3D models, images, and icons. There are various wizards to get you started.

Adding a projected shadow to a star icon
This star icon contains all image formats of a Windows 7 / Vista icon. Learn how it was created.

100% compatibility

Icons saved by RealWorld Icon Editor are 100% compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 7, and latest Mac OS Tiger. Generated image formats follow Microsoft and Apple guidelines.

Focused on quality

  • Gamma-correct high-accuracy image resizing.
  • Per image sharpening and outline-enhancing shadows.
  • Quality optimized legacy (8bpp, 4bpp) image format generation.

Unique feature: 3D icons

RealWorld Icon Editor has many unexpected features under the hood. Features like layer effects (~ layer styles in Photoshop), scripting, or mouse gestures. The built-in 3D editor allows you to create icons with consistent 3D look and feel.

Icons created using 3D techniques are unobtrusive and suitable for long-term usage. Their key advantage are realistic and consistent lights and shadows with zero artist effort.

Creating a 3D model to turn into icon
This 3D model was created in RealWorld Icon Editor and it was used to make a BMW logo and other car icons.

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