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3D Abstract Angry Birds Animal Anime Application Audio Book Character Comic Computer Crosshair Culture Doctor Who Emotion Fantasy Folder Food or Drink Game Girly Glass Halo Heart Holiday Linux Mario Metal Minecraft Movie Office Plant Pokémon Portal Rectangular Robot Round RuneScape Sci-fi Simple Smiley Sport Star Wars Stargate Sword Symbol Technology Text Triangular TV series Vehicle Weapon Web Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows XP Zelda ■ Black ■ Blue ■ Brown ■ Green ■ Orange ■ Pink ■ Purple ■ Red ■ Silver ■ Yellow □ Multicolored □ Transparent □ White

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 11th

.inf files are potentially dangerous and it would be irresponsible to teach people that they can harmlessly use .inf files downloaded from the internet; anyway, this is the wrong page to have such conversation -> use the forum if you want to discuss this further

user icon Anonymous on March 19th

What about GuildWars2!


user icon Anonymous on May 22nd


user icon Anonymous on May 28th


user icon Anonymous on May 29th


user icon Anonymous on June 7th


user icon The male boss registered user on June 26th


user icon Anonymous on August 1st

HD, high res, quality, premium....
It's frustrating having to browse dozens of pages of mouse cursors and have 3/4 of them be essentially garbage, just to find 1 or 2 that you like.

user icon Anonymous on August 30th

More cursors hearts cutes and prettys :-D

user icon Anonymous on September 6th

you need naruto cursors

user icon Anonymous
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