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3D Abstract Angry Birds Animal Anime Application Audio Book Character Comic Computer Crosshair Culture Doctor Who Emotion Fantasy Folder Food or Drink Game Girly Glass Halo Heart Holiday Linux Mario Metal Minecraft Movie Office Plant Pokémon Portal Rectangular Robot Round RuneScape Sci-fi Simple Smiley Sport Star Wars Stargate Sword Symbol Technology Text Triangular TV series Vehicle Weapon Web Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows XP Zelda ■ Black ■ Blue ■ Brown ■ Green ■ Orange ■ Pink ■ Purple ■ Red ■ Silver ■ Yellow □ Multicolored □ Transparent □ White

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user icon Anonymous on February 5th

apps :-D

user icon Anonymous on February 18th


user icon Anonymous on April 5th


user icon Anonymous on April 29th

i want five nights at freddys cursor

user icon Question Mark registered user on May 13th

we need "basic" Tag. :-D

btw haha runescape.

user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on May 13th

Look on top. Is there an Add tag form?

user icon Anonymous on July 16th

Hello, thank you for all the cursors, this is really convenient. Could you add an " animated" tag?

user icon Anonymous on July 27th

Public Domain

user icon Anonymous on August 12th


user icon Anonymous about 13 hours ago


user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?