Icon and Cursor Designers

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Top 50 authors with most popular icon and cursor sets

NameStatisticsFeatured art

Sirea117 sets215169 downloadsViolet-black Cursors
cdl88 sets37544 downloadsHeart Block Icons
Virum6436 sets102151 downloadsPeanut Butter Jelly Time (Dancing Banana) Cursors
Daniel W.59 sets97573 downloadsName Cursors
JDDellGuy32 sets82997 downloadsMechBlade Cursors
Mr X3 sets589 downloadsBlue Flames Cursors
erase.tape2 sets718 downloads
Vlasta21 sets139207 downloads
Mei23 sets22253 downloadsBlack Cupcake Cursors
HusenPo15 sets34603 downloadsBrendan Pokémon Cursors
sixλxis31 sets77573 downloadsMetallic Cursors
Sullindir20 sets19859 downloadsZelda Swords Cursors
winger23 sets42465 downloadsBurning Glass Cursors
Shira8 sets90645 downloads
Folfie13 sets9189 downloads
NesManiac2 sets85113 downloads
Doc30 sets45269 downloads
Si1 set269 downloadsMass Effect Animation Cursors
ZeloZelos9 sets17313 downloadsAnimated Rainbow Cursors
Erik23 sets28956 downloadsOxygen-White Cursors
oriolego18 sets17315 downloadsprogramming Cursors
SYNTHCRO12 sets21075 downloadsCircuit Cursors
Neo-TheDragon6 sets51954 downloads
absterninja30 sets19796 downloadsHomestuck Trolls Icons
Funny Snowman12 sets19572 downloadsPretty Cow Cursors
oneloneman24 sets37975 downloads
Teddy16 sets34062 downloadsHalo Energy Sword Cursors
Matias021121 sets16461 downloadsPac-Maniac Cursors
Applefan18 sets27098 downloadsSuper Mario World Cursors
Jmedicmom2 sets114 downloadsE.M.S. Icons
Honzales11 sets52481 downloads
Iron Angel1 set124949 downloads
Ludwig8 sets7760 downloadsSkype emoticons 2 Icons
nsqui59 sets8727 downloadsAlpha Cursors
thekittyperson7 sets12083 downloadsSonic Pocket Adventure Cursors
TheChosenOne2 sets8445 downloadsThe Minecraft Cursors
MEGADETHFAN300012 sets27918 downloads
Anonymous6 set(s)48973 downloads
DubDip16 sets21601 downloads
Kururu [Moved]6 sets5605 downloadsIcecream Cursors
Mr. Zidgel10 sets31533 downloadsWindows Vista Icons
bubbles4710 sets8499 downloadsPot Leaf Cursors
Chess3 sets6345 downloads
The Sword of the Heart10 sets31044 downloads
wronger1 set74033 downloads
Biker12 sets13879 downloadsIce Cold Cursors
TCGM11 sets24451 downloads
Leo_de_Jevga3 sets12927 downloadsUltimate Lightsaber set Cursors
tsheej3 sets4808 downloadsPulse Cursors
Zack_Leonhart4 sets15472 downloadsComixCursors Blue Regular Cursors
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