Icon and Cursor Designers

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Top 50 authors with most popular icon and cursor sets

NameStatisticsFeatured art

4qts42 sets14156 downloadsAero Pantone 2002 True Red Mini Cursors
eeveelover646 sets21937 downloadsMini Tails Cursors
AJaxx122 sets241184 downloadsSplash Cursors
StickyChannel92141 sets160374 downloadsSagan's Cursors
PolskiByk5 sets5648 downloads
adrenochromedream116 sets98277 downloadsSimply Marvelous Cursors
Ember Moon36 sets28377 downloadsSweet Candy Ultimate Cursors
Censor_Not50 sets216559 downloadsUSA Stars 'N Stripes Cursors
Sirea117 sets342699 downloadsGold-black Cursors
Orisnismy8832 sets51661 downloads
CutePusheenLove13 sets5758 downloads
Shiminok60 sets63296 downloadsNight Diamond Cursors
ツ Mimi Destino ♡50 sets72353 downloadsDonuts Kawaii Cursors
Anonymous2 sets1429 downloadsChromeOS Cursors
Virum6436 sets231233 downloadsPeanut Butter Jelly Time (Dancing Banana) Cursors
MediocreCursorMaker1 set2017 downloadsPaper Mario 64 Cursors
Daniel W.60 sets187980 downloadsBlazin' Blue Cursors
Mabzev21 sets27057 downloadsMarshmello Cursors
cdl117 sets78357 downloads3D Heart Icons
4W27 sets14587 downloadsSuper Mario World Mushroom Cursors
emulatorguy231 set2208 downloads
PkN0PE13 sets21560 downloadsBabylon Rogues Cursors
FelpsNTC1 set1355 downloads
JDDellGuy33 sets247382 downloadsMechBlade Cursors
cursormegapack1 set1325 downloads
yay1 set651 downloadskirby Cursors
Dragon1 set1958 downloadsRoblox Pointer Cursors
Eike1 set1274 downloads
goat3 sets2635 downloads
Nikentomolog17 sets32904 downloadsFortnite - Ragnarok Cursors
epicbarbarian1553 sets2617 downloads
TeraSoft16 sets4955 downloadsClassic Cursors
HusenPo18 sets183129 downloadsAgumon Breathfire Cursors
Volts_Corp1 set502 downloads
RIDDLER23 sets22155 downloadsRiddler Question Mark Cursors
agaricus171 set1355 downloads
miauwicat10 sets43604 downloads
siabob00718 sets26603 downloadsDaft Punk Cursors
KittyKata126 sets8763 downloadsKittyKata12 Cursors
sixλxis32 sets111374 downloadsInverted Circle Cursors
Vlasta21 sets169625 downloads
ElYoshi642 sets1242 downloads
AzukiBean2 sets489 downloadsNagito Komaeda Cursors
Sharky Overlord12 sets21067 downloadsDoki Doki Literature Club *SPOILERS* Cursors
Cyrater6 sets18797 downloadsRemade Cursors
LightningBoy252715 sets13197 downloadsPokemon First Fifteen Cursors
NesManiac2 sets260227 downloads
J14 sets59425 downloadsMaterial Longshadow Cursors
Mr X67 sets30365 downloadsPlasma Cursors
Shira8 sets188719 downloads
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