Icon and Cursor Designers

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Top 50 authors with most popular icon and cursor sets

NameStatisticsFeatured art

StickyChannel92139 sets130494 downloadsSagan's Cursors
AJaxx122 sets212686 downloadsRipple Cursors
Mabzev21 sets18637 downloadsMarshmello Cursors
OriKawaiii8816 sets17201 downloads
adrenochromedream97 sets67667 downloadsSimply Marvelous Cursors
KittyKata125 sets7584 downloadsKittyKata12 Cursors
Ceemo12 sets11919 downloadsPastel Girl Cursors
Shiminok60 sets39296 downloadsNight Diamond Cursors
ツ Mimi Destin♡47 sets57580 downloadsDonuts Kawaii Cursors
Question Mark7 sets2680 downloads
Nikentomolog16 sets29127 downloadsFortnite - Ragnarok Cursors
Ember Moon4 sets2492 downloads
Censor_Not50 sets178223 downloadsUSA Stars 'N Stripes Cursors
Page3 sets1904 downloads
siabob00717 sets17241 downloadsDaft Punk Cursors
LightningBoy252710 sets8121 downloadsColoured Default Cursors
Lightcm11 sets16692 downloadsAero Cian Cursors
Sharky Overlord12 sets19340 downloadsDoki Doki Literature Club *SPOILERS* Cursors
Sirea117 sets329047 downloadsGold-black Cursors
Dude3 sets4389 downloadsThe SGB, BSC, and SomecallmeJohnny Pack! Cursors
2ndmowae3 sets4851 downloadsPulse Cursors
Romanek1592 sets7282 downloads(COMPLETE PACK) Roblox Cursors
wolfang1 set1792 downloadsk9 spot Cursors
Geometrybrah5 sets4598 downloads
4DCube1 set1793 downloadsSynthwave Night Cursors
eeveelover642 sets3633 downloadsMini Tails Cursors
Cutie girl12342 sets2145 downloads
4W26 sets11196 downloadsSuper Mario World Mushroom Cursors
MarioXHK4 sets2793 downloads
Virum6436 sets214757 downloadsPeanut Butter Jelly Time (Dancing Banana) Cursors
cdl117 sets74952 downloads3D Heart Icons
inactive4everiquit3 sets1521 downloadsWhite Name (w/ Bonus Real Names) Cursors
Daniel W.60 sets173672 downloadsIcey Blue Cursors
Paradise Murderer5 sets5664 downloadsFNAF Purple Guy Pack Cursors
JDDellGuy33 sets223664 downloadsMechBlade Cursors
srbigodon2 sets2059 downloadsPerfect World Cursors
miauwicat10 sets30831 downloads
SweetPinkGalaxy3 sets1811 downloads
2mG1 set1373 downloads
Ludwig10 sets15127 downloadsWater Drops HD Cursors
Firewolfxl51 set1337 downloads
melody2 sets1833 downloadsGold Cross Heart Shield Cursors
HusenPo18 sets157407 downloadsAgumon Breathfire Cursors
Jayfeather1 set582 downloadsAerodynamic Cursors
BJ1 set1084 downloads
quackyduck12 sets19534 downloadsTransparent Rainbow Cursors
Fungu2 sets1605 downloadsGlowing Energy Cursors
Nerezza1 set2518 downloads
Mushry1 set1497 downloadsDiscord Cursors
RIDDLER20 sets16904 downloadsXXL Green Cursors
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