Icon and Cursor Designers

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Top 50 authors with most popular icon and cursor sets

NameStatisticsFeatured art

cdl94 sets40370 downloadsHeart Charms Icons
Mr X12 sets4548 downloads3D Rotating Triangle Cursors
Sirea117 sets221104 downloadsHearts Icons
OwlCityLover!!!2 sets2639 downloadsFive Nights at Freddy's Cursors
creativity_crew6 sets4748 downloadsCollection of Kirby Cursors
shadic90905 sets2203 downloads
Silas3 sets1821 downloads3D two tone elite Cursors
Virum6436 sets105130 downloadsPeanut Butter Jelly Time (Dancing Banana) Cursors
Daniel W.59 sets99634 downloadsName Cursors
Dr_Awesomeface_the_MLGPro1 set1793 downloads
JDDellGuy32 sets84398 downloadsMechBlade Cursors
the male boss3 sets1129 downloadswindows 8 Cursors
Vlasta21 sets139979 downloads
Mei23 sets22719 downloadsBlack Cupcake Cursors
HusenPo15 sets36024 downloadsBrendan Pokémon Cursors
sixλxis31 sets78409 downloadsMetallic Cursors
Sullindir20 sets20907 downloadsZelda Swords Cursors
winger23 sets43434 downloadsBurning Glass Cursors
erase.tape2 sets999 downloads
Shira8 sets93441 downloads
Folfie13 sets9482 downloads
NesManiac2 sets89365 downloads
Hayden3 sets1572 downloadsTimeLord Cursors
Doc30 sets45577 downloads
ZeloZelos9 sets17739 downloadsAnimated Rainbow Cursors
Erik23 sets29335 downloadsOxygen-White Cursors
SYNTHCRO12 sets21769 downloadsCircuit Cursors
oriolego18 sets17634 downloadsprogramming Cursors
Neo-TheDragon6 sets53471 downloads
SimpleGen1 set381 downloads
absterninja30 sets20230 downloadsHomestuck Trolls Icons
Funny Snowman12 sets19877 downloadsPretty Cow Cursors
oneloneman24 sets38885 downloads
Teddy16 sets34750 downloadsHalo Energy Sword Cursors
Jmedicmom3 sets242 downloadsE.M.S. Icons
Matias021121 sets16827 downloadsPac-Maniac Cursors
Applefan18 sets27655 downloadsSuper Mario World Cursors
GreenNinja478301 set283 downloads3D Color Cursors
easy_sistem1 set404 downloadsSpain Aero Metalic Silver Cursors
Honzales11 sets52675 downloads
Iron Angel1 set125010 downloads
Ludwig8 sets7934 downloadsSkype emoticons 2 Icons
nsqui59 sets8878 downloadsAlpha Cursors
thekittyperson7 sets12535 downloadsSonic Pocket Adventure Cursors
Si1 set366 downloadsMass Effect Animation Cursors
TheChosenOne2 sets8741 downloadsThe Minecraft Cursors
Anonymous6 set(s)49433 downloads
DubDip16 sets21999 downloads
MEGADETHFAN300012 sets28120 downloads
Kururu [Moved]6 sets5831 downloadsIcecream Cursors
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