Smart tools for photo resizing and more

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- version 6.0

Picture Resizer is the easiest-to-use photo resizer on the planet. Resize pictures in batch by specifying longer side, shorter side, frame, target file size, percentage and more; crop or extend canvas and sharpen resized pictures.

- version 1.0

Extract all icons from all file dragged-and-dropped files or folders at once. It is possible to get all icons on your computer in a single step as .ico files.

- version 2.0

Change active mouse cursors directly from Windows Explorer. After this tool is installed, new commands are added to .cur and .ani files allow you to change cursor for selected role (normal select, busy, resizing, etc.).

- version 3.0

After installing and configuring this tool, your Windows Explorer will be able to display thumbnails for all documents created in RealWorld applications (like the icon editor, or Paint.COM). That includes previews of layered images or 3D models.

- version 1.0

Make greeting cards from your own photos using one of built-in or custom layout. Easy-to-use tool with drag and drop interface and live preview of your greeting card.

- version 1.1

Create one large image from multiple smaller ones. The images are auto-arranged in rows and columns. The number of columns is configurable and images can be moved with mouse. JPG and PNG image formats are supported for both reading and writing.

- version 2013.1

Learn basics of 3D modeling. Build a hierarchical 3D models consisting of basic shapes or custom NURBS-based surfaces. Add parameters to 3D models for greater flexibility.

- version 1.0

Convert GIF images to animated WebP or PNG images. Or convert WebP and PNG animations to each other. Batch processing supported.

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