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JDDellGuy (2012-05-19 07:00:29 / 4.5 stars):

I would recommend making a full-size one. Copy and paste that one onto the 32x32 cursor canvas, and then resize it with the grab points to fit. That might help with the quality.

Great job too, all the roles are there, animations are not too distracting, there's good variety in the different roles while still echoing the same theme throughout. Nice job!

Unknown author (2012-06-10 19:15:58):

:-D funny

ASSASSIN (2012-06-17 10:38:48):

Wow good work and im currently making a "forever alone" cursor cant wait to finish it ;-)

Unknown author (2012-07-27 13:53:52):

wait, how do i get the little faces to actually be on my cursor, like i have extracted the files, they are all there but yeah.

Unknown author (2012-08-14 07:59:37):


egarcia1360 (2012-08-16 06:40:12 / 5 stars):

i like this set very much. It's very well-made, with good animation and variety in the cursors. The theme is very constistent throughout the set, and it's complete, not to mention. This is a very good, high-quality set with many good features. Very nice work. 8-)

HNMunchey (2013-02-28 20:48:28 / 5 stars):

Creapy but cool!

ctarmansy (2013-03-26 03:14:34 / 4.5 stars):

get the **** out of here!

J-mo (2013-04-12 15:57:16):


Unknown author (2013-04-17 01:14:50):

To the person who commented 4th:
To use the cursors, put them in your Cursors folder. On a Windows computer, this is located in the Windows folder under the subfolder Cursors. Put the files in here and then you will be able to change them by opening Control Panel and navigating to Personalize. From there, you can change to different cursors by clicking on the mouse pointers link and double-clicking on the cursor aspect you want to change. You can then change to any other available cursor.

This is only with Windows Vista. It may be different for you...hope this helped.

Unknown author (2013-04-23 15:46:59):

LOL, Love this cursor. But srly, the face is so UGLY. TROLL!

Unknown author (2013-04-23 19:40:49):

:-( verry treeable :-(

Unknown author (2013-05-23 12:07:05):


Unknown author (2013-07-25 04:53:23):


thekittyperson (2013-10-17 19:07:43):

icon-image/7109-16x16x32.png image
icon-image/7835-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-12-17 17:06:37):

fuck yehhh!!!!!!!!!js awsmmm :-D

Unknown author (2013-12-29 16:35:08):

LOL so funny and awasome!Good job. :-D

Unknown author (2014-01-03 07:45:58):

LOL !!!

Unknown author (2014-01-04 21:50:33):

Those cursors was very small ... But they are funy ... Thanks

OMCE (2014-01-05 18:10:28 / 5 stars):

Great work here. I like all the mini animations especially the size of the Trollface. It seems kinda perfect almost. Please add more icons and cursors.

Unknown author (2014-01-14 11:27:24):

sniff me :-D

Unknown author (2014-01-14 22:42:03):

how do u set it

cheesepuff (2014-02-01 12:21:23 / 5 stars):

Nicely done!

StevenLbs (2014-03-09 20:26:11):


Curzor Guy (2014-09-22 05:11:51 / 5 stars):

Looks nice! :-)

Unknown author (2014-11-26 05:28:46):

u mad bro? :-D

Unknown author (2015-05-21 01:08:37):

nice! :-)

Unknown author (2015-06-09 03:47:05):

No bro

Unknown author (2015-09-06 17:03:06):


Unknown author (2015-09-16 23:25:06):

:-D amazing XD lol no im not mad bro what about you?

Unknown author (2015-11-14 14:42:03):


RWCursor (2015-12-05 06:09:22 / 4.5 stars):

Optional alternate text

Good Job!

Unknown author (2016-01-22 14:46:53):

help me plz I am lonle

i need a cruzer

Unknown author (2016-04-20 19:05:21):

great :-)

Unknown author (2016-07-01 19:39:45):

hello 8-)

Angel Of Fire (2016-11-10 06:54:37):

I really like these cursors

Unknown author (2017-02-13 23:51:47):

XD for life

Unknown author (2017-11-01 21:00:47):

its really nice (lol) :-D

Bob the builder (2018-03-21 19:39:56):

im sorry to say this but these are dead memes, but it was published when it was popular so i give 3 stars

Unknown author (2018-04-27 02:32:53):

I love it! although, there is no location select :/

Unknown author (2018-12-03 19:28:51):

my name jeff

Unknown author (2018-12-23 03:34:11):

My wife wont come back

Hit or miss


Unknown author (2018-12-28 23:36:46):


Unknown author (2018-12-29 02:52:40):

ur mom lol

Unknown author (2019-01-04 10:53:59):

thats epiic

bruh moment |-) :-D ;-)

Unknown author (2019-01-04 20:04:01):

hope this will get my wife back

Unknown author (2019-02-15 06:56:30):


will politer toes

Unknown author (2019-09-23 12:05:37):

very cool my goodness you have made my day living hell

Unknown author (2019-11-21 21:25:49):

Sorry for having a medium-bad classification to this cursor, the problem is bcz it is very small with just a size of 16x16.

But hey, u can see my classification to the another 32x32 version ;-)
In the another its more "perfect" the classification.

Link here.

Unknown author (2019-11-22 00:15:34):

icon-4251 icon-4252

Its a test. Im the same anonymous of about 3 hours ago (The anonymous after me) but in another PC just for doing a test.

And i was searching and then i found something really, really, really WTF...

Dont say you want to see it if your a kid or not-adult bcz what i found is traumatic.

Unknown author (2020-06-28 03:22:04):


Unknown author (2020-10-04 06:36:01):

tjos os frkcing epic swagness LOL! this crusor basically saved my life, my job, and my future,, cus when i instal it to the comapny pc everyone just shitted themselves and like the most awesome mr boss man prewtyt much who was in charge once he kinda like died from the shitting he did from how awesome these curosrs are and so with my boss man dead i am now the boss man so troll face cursor i give you 10/10 you saved me and make me the boss to live good long life happy lots of money and beautiful wife from asia she is japnese lol like in anime :-)

Unknown author (2020-10-08 17:40:04):

how do you do this

Unknown author (2020-11-24 02:23:15):

:-D 초고퀄이당~

:-D That has good quality

Unknown author (2021-01-10 01:14:23):

ok now this is epic gamers

Unknown author (2021-01-15 17:44:49):


Unknown author (2021-03-16 05:43:44):

I invest bitcoin lose all money :-D :-D :-D :-D

ESPEKTRAL_YT (2021-03-26 21:38:47 / 5 stars):

Perfect ;-)

Unknown author (2021-05-19 08:39:46):


Unknown author (2021-07-26 15:42:12):

to tiny

Unknown author (2021-10-04 17:42:26):

10/10 would recommend

Unknown author (2022-01-29 19:40:41):


I love this cursor. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2022-03-28 18:35:49):


gross_pisspad (2022-08-19 00:19:50 / 5 stars):

i love le toll!! ;-)

Unknown author (2022-08-25 01:44:48):

Bruh best one I ever seen
8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) :-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-o |-) :-( :-) 8-) :-( :-D :-)

EeveeGaming (2022-09-01 17:28:50 / 5 stars):

Yay France
Also good cursor :-D

Unknown author (2022-12-20 14:29:03):

:-) or :-) if you prefer

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