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Jason (2012-07-04 07:57:02):

I love them ;-) especaly since they are m :-D


Say on (2012-07-14 07:45:12 / 2.5 stars):

they are very good :-D

cdl (2013-02-01 03:32:45 / 2.5 stars):

You did good on the ball! Nice shade of blue too!
Cute smiley, he looks quite happy!
Nice monster, have you thought to add the monster face elements to your blue ball after you change the color? Easy way to add dimension to your element..
I'd like to see you expand on the set. You could make a set around the monster and around the ball and smiley separately. Use the scope in each of the three set with a few other elements.

That I would really like to see! icon-image/8311-32x32x32.png image

Hotspots okay? You simply have to make sure they are or the set is not usable..

icon-image/8301-32x32x32.png image

Jason (2013-02-02 05:59:53):

I was planning on doing all of that but my computer started glitching and I couldn't make anymore. and you can upload moving cursors right. because I can't get it to work.

MariaPiu (2013-02-10 03:39:43 / 2.5 stars):

Your cursors are not interesting either and the hotspots are off. You could put at least an outline in that green monster, the only poor thing that has its hotspot on place. So think twice before pointing your dirty little finger at others...

Jason (2013-02-10 05:55:07):

when did I do that exactly??? because I don't remember that. besides my computer doesn't let me make them the way I wan't. its messed up. and the scope workes right.

MariaPiu (2013-02-17 12:16:11):

You were right about the scope! It really works! Nice work with the Dots.ani and Loading.ani! And the blinking eye, it's interesting, you draw it yourself didn't you? The monster is cool too, is a mixture of monster and devil. :-)

Jason (2013-02-18 01:21:42):

I did draw the eye myself. I'm not sure what the monster is besides a monster. but its not a devil. thank you for the comment. I'll probably branch one of these out into a set of its own...eventually. ;-)

MariaPiu (2013-02-26 00:38:02):

You're welcome.
Ugh, what's happening to my avatar when i comment for the second time? Eeww...

Jason (2013-03-02 17:26:54):

that is strange. did you change the gender or somthing?

The Icons (2016-01-17 04:46:08):

icon-image/8299-16x16x32.png image 8-)

Unknown author (2021-05-24 21:54:19):

yes verygood

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