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Fry (2012-11-22 06:09:56 / 4.5 stars):

I like it! :-D I think I may just download this now. To be honest, though, it could use more work... but I really like it! Keep making these, maybe bluetricity? ;-)

ElectricumViridis (2012-11-22 14:23:23):

haha thanks, i does need work, but i like to have people review it and tell me what i can fix instead of doing it all my self, i just wanted to get the concept out. i'm sure i can make bluetricity as a alternate. i'm gonna make a alternate for handwriting and precision, because i feel like those are the worst.

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-11-22 18:02:15 / 5 stars):

The hot spot in the move cursor should be in the middle of the cursor. Also in diagonal resize cursors the hot spot ideally would be located in the center of the cursor not the edge. The rest looks good, my favorite is the help select.


Fry (2012-11-22 19:03:50):

Yeah, I did have some trouble with the Move cursor myself... |-)

ElectricumViridis (2012-11-23 00:16:42):

Move cursor hot spot is now in center

oriolego (2012-11-28 00:58:08 / 5 stars):

resize hotspots are kinda off.

ElectricumViridis (2012-11-29 00:25:54):

All cursor Hotspots have been fixed

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-11-29 02:32:23):

Now that you have fixed the hot spots you deserve 5 STARS. :-)


ElectricumViridis (2012-11-29 16:15:04):

Thanks! :-)

jojois74 (2012-12-10 22:48:16 / 4 stars):

Yes these are very good. Your unavailable cursor is the best, and it's very good. The only one that I don't like is the handwriting one... it doesn't seem to fit.

ElectricumViridis (2012-12-17 16:21:34):

thanks! i'll make a alternate for handwriting as soon as i can

oriolego (2013-01-03 00:30:48):


ElectricumViridis (2013-01-12 22:10:48):

New Version of Handwriting cursor is out, (from lightning to a pen)

Unknown author (2013-01-24 16:51:06):


:-) pen

Rigby5001 (2013-04-18 20:25:57):

Nice Job!

Unknown author (2013-04-18 20:31:07):

Great Job!

Unknown author (2013-11-01 11:24:41):

thank you :-D

AlphaOmega (2015-10-28 10:40:56 / 4 stars):

Good. I like them.

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