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Michaelpie (2016-06-29 16:27:55 / 4 stars):

I love how simple this set is! Though I wish you could make these for all the other selections. ;-)

theketchupdude (2016-08-09 19:11:52):

I agree with Michaelpie on that there aren't really enough cursors. It is really cool though. :-)

LICKYicon (2016-08-12 18:04:18 / 4 stars):

i might try this out! it looks pretty good! it might get a bit of getting used to, but then thats part of the fun!

Unknown author (2016-11-02 02:33:39):

i use this a lot and its kinda satisfying how centered the hotspot is :-)

Unknown author (2018-09-05 07:46:44):

It is how everyone said, its fucking satisfying

Unknown author (2019-01-23 22:23:29):

thank you

Unknown author (2020-08-18 01:28:13):

:-D :-D

Unknown author (2021-02-19 08:45:54):

Great one, marvelous non-lag

Unknown author (2021-04-27 01:10:57):

5 star

Unknown author (2021-05-12 06:09:42):

Thank you!

Unknown author (2021-08-23 20:41:06):

so hot! |-) 8-) :-o :-( :-D :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2022-01-30 22:32:27):

baller cursors dude

sushanth H (2022-03-07 15:21:06):

its soo beautifull and make an revamped one please :-)

Unknown author (2022-03-30 15:24:23):

eh :-o :-o

it cost money?

Unknown author (2022-10-09 08:29:53):

now this is what i want

Unknown author (2023-06-08 22:00:36):

Can you make the rest of the cursors? Also, Link Select doesn't have to be animated. You can just make the inside black and the outside white.

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