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Unknown author (2017-05-12 01:16:09):

M. Jordan ... you know that guy right?

Censor_Not (2017-05-12 02:19:22):

Not on a personal level.

Unknown author (2017-05-12 02:43:15):

so... kkk

Unknown author (2017-05-12 02:44:45):

what does that mean.

highmystica (2017-05-14 05:07:11 / 4.5 stars):

Yeah that is weird. I have seen some weird glitchy comments though on this site. First off Censor you should of been like ... "Oh, Micheal? Yeah, Micheal and me go way back ... you know that cool set of basketballs I made? Yep, for Micheal." Run with that! Second, you should take that as a suggestion. Go ape on random basketball superstars. We won't mind ... besides, you absolutely have a burning hatred of basketball.

Censor_Not (2017-05-18 18:52:15):

LOL I don't hate basketball LOL!!! Thanks! :-D

мутнι¢αℓ✧ (2017-05-24 18:39:37 / 4 stars):

xD.... Which is better?????????????????? Lebron James.. Or Kyrie Irving.. :P

Unknown author (2017-05-30 06:01:17):

Lebron James

Unknown author (2017-06-13 17:08:59):


Goodbye (2017-06-19 16:39:26 / 5 stars):

and really >:-(

oh right |-)

Unknown author (2017-10-06 02:15:47):

would you be able to make a jumpman logo one?

Unknown author (2019-05-09 21:49:23):


Unknown author (2019-09-18 13:32:02):

it sucked it was weird and desturbing

C0$M!C G0D (2019-11-11 20:14:59):


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