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fabiojava (2017-11-27 18:15:01):

write here what pokemon do you want ;-)

Unknown author (2017-11-29 10:33:34):

can you please make uhhhhhhhhhh

maga beedrill-shiny

Unknown author (2017-11-29 18:47:45):


Unknown author (2017-11-29 22:15:58):


fabiojava (2017-11-30 17:26:16):

I will make them in separated sets. They will be "Blazikens" and "Mewtos" and "Beedrills". just search for them or chat with me in private message for info. Rate, please

I have created Beedrills set. It is called "Beedrills". Bye

Unknown author (2017-12-03 05:42:13):

rayquaza and mega if possible

Mister P. (2017-12-03 19:19:55 / 5 stars):

I'm a fabiojava's friend. I will tell him. He will make them sure


fabiojava (2017-12-03 20:03:03):

Thanks Mister P.
I made "Mewtwos" cursor set.
I'm working on Rayquazas. |-)

Unknown author (2018-03-01 05:45:55):

wow, please add mega rayquaza shiny

fabiojava (2018-04-29 18:14:07):


Unknown author (2018-05-30 21:43:49):

Shiny Furret or Sentret please

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