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KittyKata12 (2019-05-03 22:42:36 / 4 stars):

Some cat lovers can not get enough of the dogs, But nice cursors!

Unknown author (2019-11-18 10:32:44):

Did you get inspired by the other cursor? I think you just copy and pasted the cursor and changed it into a dog. I'm not mad though ^^ :-)

adrenochromedream (2019-11-25 02:19:48 / 5 stars):

so sweet - just like you icon-image/17129-16x16x32.png image

jessicatgirl12 (2019-11-28 00:29:07 / 5 stars):

These dogs are really cute and the pink really fits in! The animations are also really amazing! Dogs aren't my favorite animal but you portray them very beautiful in this set and I admire you for making this! They're also good quality and all their hotspots are in the right places so I really love this set! I also like all the animations because they're made really well! My favorite is the sparkly dog working in the background because the animation is beautiful and the dog is cool! Over 1K downloads and that's amazing, but you still deserve even more! I've seen a bunch of sets from your profile and what I have to say is that you make amazing cursors and put a lot of effort into all of your cursors! Keep it up :-)

En español:

stos perros son muy lindos y el rosa realmente encaja en! Las animaciones también son realmente increíbles! Los perros no son mi animal favorito, pero los retratas muy hermoso en este set y te admiro por hacer esto! También son de buena calidad y todos sus puntos de acceso están en los lugares correctos, así que realmente me encanta este conjunto! ¡También me gustan todas las animaciones porque están hechas muy bien! Mi favorito es el perro brillante que trabaja en el fondo porque la animación es hermosa y el perro es fresco! Más de 1K descargas y eso es increíble, pero todavía se merece aún más! He visto un montón de conjuntos de su perfil y lo que tengo que decir es que usted hace cursores increíbles y poner un montón de esfuerzo en todos sus cursores! Sigue así :-)

Unknown author (2020-09-03 19:39:11):


:-o I am so surprised how ugly and disgusting these cursors are. pink and dogs DON'T go together never ever ever ever ever *barfs

do this again

plus ur cursors are bad anyways

*laughs* hahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah yeeah


Unknown author (2020-12-03 17:42:03):

why there two?

Unknown author (2021-07-01 20:06:00):


ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2021-08-28 07:05:05):


Unknown author (2021-08-28 07:16:47):

I Love pink :-)

Unknown author (2021-08-28 14:31:16):

They are sooooooo awesome I love them

Unknown author (2021-10-26 14:32:16):

lmfao this is soooooooooo baddd it sucks just like u


ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2021-10-27 01:26:01):

Tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-01-09 18:18:23):

i love how its not just on crom i say the cute bears are the best costers i like this app :-)

Unknown author (2022-04-23 02:46:27):

really cute.

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2022-04-23 03:06:17):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-05-15 15:31:35):

l Love it

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