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Applefan (2010-08-16 23:58:49):

Wow man they are great! i love that game

Unknown author (2011-02-12 01:08:04):

KEWL! I likey. :-D

bisumito (2011-07-26 03:47:14):

Well made, well made. ;-)

Unknown author (2011-09-17 23:29:44):

I <3 LBP! :-)

Unknown author (2012-02-06 06:34:03):

ugly |-)

Matias0211 (2012-03-21 14:10:34 / 3 stars):

No conozco el juego :P pero lo que te diría, deberías jugar un poco con la figura para el resto de los cursores :-) darle un poco de creatividad estaría bueno. Me gusta la silueta del hombrecito marrón jajaja.
3 estrellas :-)

Nintendo (2012-04-09 09:07:08 / 5 stars):

awesome job i love your work keep up the good work jpoe

cdl (2013-02-13 22:13:10 / 3 stars):

more animation of the body is needed in my opinion..

nice set overall but it lacks that certain entertaining element of animation..

icon-image/8400-32x32x32.png image

AmberZen (2013-02-13 22:37:58 / 3 stars):

not so awesome without good animation, blinking is not enough.

you should consider adding other elements from the game and more animations of the character's figure. let me know if you change the set and I will take another look. icon-image/6385-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2014-03-12 14:56:54):

make it that if u move the cursor the brown guy fly around like u are pulling him

Unknown author (2018-06-12 21:25:26):

ugly |-) (x2)

Unknown author (2021-03-02 14:46:21):

Pretty cool. :-) Probably could've done with some more animation though.

Unknown author (2023-05-02 19:00:03):


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