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Anony (2010-11-23 20:42:14):

Come on, this has to be more popular than the first set!

Vlasta (2010-11-23 20:43:33):

Yes, it is much better. But you have to wait for the downloads...

Anony (2010-11-23 21:52:21):

Yes but that would be the case in all big sets!

Anony (2010-11-23 21:53:19):

Wait a sec! It just did it strait away for me!

JDDellGuy (2010-11-23 21:56:45 / 3 stars):

Looks pretty nice. Maybe you could make it better by animating the apple with the bite in it so that the apple is eaten bite by bite.

Anony (2010-11-24 17:06:55):

Yeah but I don't know how to animate!

Anony (2010-11-25 23:41:48):

Just so you know I am actually anony but i had to create a new account because it said the old one didn't egsist (something about there not being an acount with that email adress. Wierd...)

Vlasta (2010-11-25 23:44:11):

you have used email ending with .com for anony and .org for anony 2

Anony (2010-11-27 10:06:23):


Unknown author (2011-09-17 23:46:20):

Dance pineapple!!...Dance...... :-D

Cooper30013 (2011-10-26 20:21:21 / 0.5 stars):


Ricon (2011-10-30 01:53:13 / 1 stars):

Looks okay.

Rinfo (2011-11-12 01:04:08 / 2 stars):

They should be icons, even though it is animated.
Great job though.

Unknown author (2012-01-22 03:12:19):

You should have the apple be eaten, bite by bite until it is gone then make it flash back on the screen. Cool cursors, though! 8-)

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