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highmystica (2017-04-09 10:12:56):

When I use them I mix these ... 198W Computer, 200Y Network, 201Z Documents and 199X Recycle (both). Or just all the dot matrix ones ... I might be mental.

Unknown author (2017-04-11 16:16:08):

The purple ones are very nice! Can you use those colors for one of the ARTIFACT cursors?

highmystica (2017-04-18 16:03:36):

Lol - just finished uploading them when I saw you comment. Blue is comming too. Updated the text and prec select in the red and green sets too today.

achamo (2017-04-23 19:43:19 / 4 stars):

The look nice. The monochromatics you used for set V looks compatible with many Macintosh computers from 1984 to 1996, which I greatly like. The others are I think an average of 4 colors each set. How did you get those colors to replace the modern ones? Nice work!

highmystica (2017-04-25 13:37:02):

Basic dithering?

The initial versions of the B/W cursors were compatible with Win 2.0 until I discovered they aren't compatible in newer versions of windows. I haven't made a 2 bit icons since the 80's and that was on a mac.

The B/W versions totally give me mac flashbacks too! Had to mail them to a mac junkie friend of mine who also loved them.

Batuzanx (2017-06-17 00:32:58 / 3 stars):


Batuzanx (2017-07-04 20:16:27):

icon-image/15116-16x16x0.png image

icon-image/15116-16x16x1.png image

icon-image/15116-16x16x4.png image

icon-image/15116-16x16x2.png image

Batuzanx (2017-07-25 23:40:47):

icon-image/15116-32x32x0.png image

Batuzanx (2017-10-21 13:23:39):

not bad!

Paradise Murderer (2018-07-09 15:30:17 / 3 stars):

Pretty good!

Unknown author (2018-07-20 16:05:53):

Jazzy! 8-)

Unknown author (2018-08-01 14:31:55):

:-D Cool!

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