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Unknown author (2013-05-19 12:31:24):

I was wondering where the selection of colours are? I have looked in the help section and I cannot seem to find it. :-(

Vlasta (2013-05-19 12:36:59):

If you are using picture brush, you cannot always change the color. Otherwise, you just select a new color above or below (depending on version) the configuration panel.

Unknown author (2013-10-07 04:47:53):

Is there a way to make my line look like this:
Without using a tablet?

Vlasta (2013-10-07 09:25:28):

In theory yes, but it would be too much work. So, a better answer is no, you'll need a pressure-sensitive tablet for this. If you feel adventurous, you can try the Shape tool.

Unknown author (2013-11-06 05:08:14):

como se pueden hacer las flores? ;-)

entonces como las ago flores?

Unknown author (2014-01-25 21:08:22):

as i lay flowers? ;-)
someone tell me why I press on help and can not find! :-(

Unknown author (2014-04-26 08:10:04):

i cant see my lines can someone help me

Vlasta (2014-04-26 09:00:07):

check the size of the brush, and the color; make sure it is not transparent

Unknown author (2014-09-05 00:16:22):

can i blend colors

Unknown author (2015-02-12 16:21:24):

I do not knoe how to put my creation as my mouse

Unknown author (2015-03-24 10:47:18):

is a brober? to get out the paint???

Елена (2015-04-12 16:38:39):

не могу выбрать значок руки - выбор страницы .при выборе из папки программы она пропадает - приходится загружать заново виндовс7. хочу выбрать и залить значок руки своим цветом .никак не выходит .помогите пожалуйста.

Unknown author (2015-09-16 16:54:59):

How do I make brown? ;-)

Unknown author (2015-09-27 03:02:44):

how do you erase

soupy starmen (2016-08-01 23:19:35):

Hey I have a drawing tablet I'm trying to use with realworld paint and realworld cursor editor but when I use it the paint isn't following my pen tip/cursor. It instead follows this dot that is a few inches away from the pen tip/cursor on my screen. Is there anyway I can configure the cursor coordinates for this so the paint will follow the pen and not this random dot?

Vlasta (2016-08-02 08:26:12):

probably not, updating tablet drivers may help

Unknown author (2016-10-23 08:55:44):

Brown is dark orange, erase by choosing the "replace" setting on the top toolbar (the blue and red squares) and using transparent as color, or selecting the eraser tool from the drop-down menu where the brush icon is.

Unknown author (2017-11-20 18:14:44):

oh..its good,,,!!!!!!!!!!,I like it. :-) :-)

Unknown author (2020-06-07 22:28:02):

como borro

Unknown author (2020-07-18 09:07:04):

how to erase

Unknown author (2020-11-12 19:25:15):

como borro

Unknown author (2020-11-30 04:20:47):

como borroo :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-10 05:17:03):

i have a error whit the brush, it just dont work :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-18 01:13:38):

como borro?

Unknown author (2021-09-23 01:52:56):

cara me ajuda com o mouse um pouguinho mais pigueno pofafor



Unknown author (2021-10-15 20:27:17):

How do you change the angle brush to a different position?

YLIJDR (2022-09-23 21:46:01):

¿el borrador xd donde q no lo veo?

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