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Unknown author (2011-06-04 10:38:23):

:-) Fascinating program. I just downloaded it, going to try it out now. This is what I am looking for.

Unknown author (2011-09-02 23:06:52):

Wow, fantastic. I can't wait to use it!

Unknown author (2011-12-28 21:14:26):

i dont get it :-(

Unknown author (2012-08-17 09:49:58):

;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2012-08-23 19:49:49):

great work...... 8-)

jake (2012-09-02 10:43:19):

:-( :-(

lol it works

oriolego (2012-10-16 22:28:25):

OMG YOU KILLED THEM :-D cool program

Unknown author (2012-10-25 16:48:07):

Wow excellent job. Finally got it into my designer bag!

Unknown author (2012-12-03 18:42:06):

;-)great application and easy to use..

Unknown author (2013-03-28 16:45:38):

Your program is very impressive. I am going to explore it thoroughly.

Unknown author (2013-10-04 04:19:33):

Can you do that to Obama? LOLOL

Unknown author (2015-06-29 04:31:41):

That whole wonderful panel you show on the right, doesn't show on my version. I only see one small box. Changing from relative to absolute isn't anywhere on my screen. I think I'm missing some boxes.

Nevermind...I figured it out. You have to hold the control key down, move the pink dot point, then let go of control key, then move to where you're copying and start brushing.

Unknown author (2015-09-22 22:08:50):

8-) It works! Helped me a lot :-)
I hope to see more! :-o

Unknown author (2020-05-17 19:43:38):

:-) cooooooooooool very good works excellent ...

orimus (2020-07-10 21:32:31):

oh my God is good

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