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Unknown author (2011-10-29 22:38:13):

good :-) i knew how to do this already but :L |-)

Unknown author (2012-01-12 19:25:29):

It's so difficult! :-(
But it's cool :-)
I love it ;-)
Chaoo 8-)

Yeahh I like it! 8-) It's easy... ;-)
I do in my computer, :-D but is better in the video :-)

Flameusera (2012-03-18 03:18:20):

Sweet, didnt know about animations 8-)
I just started with this program though... ;-)

Unknown author (2012-04-05 14:04:38):

Hi! I am from Russia! I don`t understand how make animated picture, because I have another graphic editor. Please help me! You can find me here "Eng-lish1@mail.ru".

Nintendo (2012-04-08 03:30:51):

if you cant ake the eyes right its because he didnt say but you need to download his media called basic styles

Unknown author (2012-04-30 03:40:34):

mi realdwordno tiene barraen el nombre de la imagen en donde se duplica de echo no tiene casi nada, por que no tiene casinada??????

no ya nada ya vi bien el video XDDDDDDDDDDD

kit-kat1013 (2012-06-01 05:20:10):

what do i do here :-(

Unknown author (2012-06-08 06:48:32):

love you.........real world...........keep going man, i know you dont have much money.........but you know what, keep going, keep going for people like me, I will spread the word...........dont ask for money, it wont come, ask for your name among every designer's heart and money will come running brother, believe me brother, remember these words, they will change your life, I am also working on my website, I will upload it this year, and you know what, you will be in lights there

Unknown author (2012-08-08 12:38:04):

good One...!

Unknown author (2012-08-30 14:16:53):

where to download? :-( :-o

help please :-o

Unknown author (2012-11-08 03:21:38):

Epicness. I also have a Website... I'll spread the word too. This is great. I know there isn't much money, but it will come.

yownphyulay (2013-02-11 14:24:30):

bro, I want to create animation but my create button hasn't "create an animated image "option.what am i do? where do i download ? please help me, bro. :-(

Vlasta (2013-02-11 14:32:25):

Are you using RWPaint?

Unknown author (2013-03-08 21:51:52):

Does this work for png files? :-o

Unknown author (2013-03-28 00:17:42):

come si trova duplica?

Arrowyoni (2013-12-01 21:12:26):

I love these programs! :-D

Unknown author (2014-04-22 14:27:32):

I dont know where to download the symmetric files please help :-o

the online page ? :-(

dont get it ;-)

Unknown author (2014-05-15 22:29:34):

Hi I am also new to RW. You download symmetric files from the page u see when u open RW. It's under Media - basic styles. I downloaded them from there but cannot use them so I don't know what is wrong. Anyway give it a go - maybe u will have better luck than me!! xx

Vlasta (2014-05-15 22:37:26):

If you have it downloaded, click on "Open style...", make sure you have the Tagged library tab selected and pick one of the styles - you may need to select the "effect" tag to see the files.

Unknown author (2014-10-16 19:29:01):


Angel (2015-01-05 17:01:33):

Where I download smiley styles

Unknown author (2015-02-02 20:59:54):

8-) wow !!

Unknown author (2015-03-30 20:47:20):

:-D awesome

Unknown author (2015-05-18 11:22:40):

Где скачать стиль симметрии? :-(

carol (2015-05-19 10:51:33):

je vous encu.....

Unknown author (2015-05-29 02:12:11):

can you make walk/run cycles? like cat animations?

Unknown author (2016-05-22 01:58:23):

I can't open it and watch the animation :-( Please help me

Unknown author (2018-06-08 14:23:11):

I'm using these on whattsapp 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

this is like that scratch game. |-) 8-) :-o :-o

Unknown author (2020-06-21 03:28:40):

concec chó google

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