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Unknown author (2010-11-19 08:53:10):

You can't decide the size of the icons, this program won't let you frustrating!

Vlasta (2010-11-19 11:49:15):

Of course you can. If the standard sizes do not fit you, click New image button in the second step above the list and define your own image to add to the .ico.

Unknown author (2011-08-12 20:58:23):

This software is terrible, to cunfusing and cant implement text clearly |-)

Vlasta (2011-08-12 21:01:26):

It can be confusing... though using text on .ico files is a bad practice. If you are creating something like a forum avatar, you probably want an ordinary image editor instead.

Unknown author (2011-11-08 22:35:51):

kind of confsing. drawing for me is the hardest thing to do since Algebra. |-)

Unknown author (2012-01-09 20:46:50):

How the @#!$# can you upload an picture? :-(

mr.marshburn (2012-05-09 18:51:18):

how do u upload icons :-D

how do you upload icons

Unknown author (2013-04-30 03:22:33):

Uploading images is a pain. When uploading a picture you must fist save the image as a tagged item and then you are able to load it. Then it is what ever image you had

Unknown author (2013-07-09 21:17:43):

Nice and Simple, I Like it
It worked for me, click file and save as

Unknown author (2014-11-12 21:42:06):

i can't seem to put in a picture.
I hear the error sound and that's it. and when ever I press next it will make the error sound and that's it.

Vlasta (2014-11-12 21:54:23):

There is probably a problem with the picture. Can you open it in the program normally? (not via the wizard)

Unknown author (2015-02-22 20:16:28):

;-)אני לא כלכך מבינה :-(

amaleerocks13 (2015-07-05 11:37:24):

I need help I need an image 150x200 pixels but I chose my image and it wont let me convert it to that :-( I hate icon maker icon-image/10185-16x16x32.png image

Vlasta (2015-07-05 17:13:51):

If you are creating a user icon for this web, that would be an ordinary PNG image with specific dimensions, you should not use an icon maker for that.

Chaz (2018-04-29 05:53:42):

I'm going crazy. I have a .png image with a transparent background that I'm trying to convert into an .icns icon for Mac OS X. Everything looks good onscreen (checkerboard background as I want it.

When I save the icon the background saved as black. I watched the photo-to-icon tutorial twice. I think I've done what he did, yet the background of the icon is black not transparent as I need it to be. Clearly, I'm missing something.

HELP!!!!! :-(

Vlasta (2018-04-29 10:09:50):

In what situation is it shown black?

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