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Unknown author (2024-02-05 14:57:42):

Deez nutz

Unknown author (2024-02-06 15:18:46):

Deez nutz

Quitting (2024-02-06 15:27:18):


Unknown author (2024-02-06 15:34:14):

Deez nutz

Quitting (2024-02-06 16:40:55):

lmao this comment section is geting flooded of those deez nutz

Unknown author (2024-02-07 15:19:28):

Dez nutz

Quitting (2024-02-09 15:50:46):


Unknown author (2024-02-09 16:07:13):

suck a vape and look like a ape

Quitting (2024-02-14 07:37:45):


Unknown author (2024-02-14 13:45:14):

Yeah sucking vape is bad for ur lungs unless u wanna look ugly and age ur skin and look like ur 40 but 18. Not saying that anybody here is, just based on basic science and health class studies.

Quitting (2024-02-16 16:27:10):

yeah, vaping is almost bad as smoking

Unknown author (2024-02-23 22:35:47):

but i guess you ain't on that level yet kid.

Henry vntv (2024-02-25 02:54:27):


Quitting (2024-02-27 18:17:50):


Unknown author (2024-03-11 18:46:02):

I'm gonna snip those lovely balls off baby :-D

TenZue (2024-03-14 22:36:12):

the heck?

Quitting (2024-03-15 16:28:20):

Get deleted trash anonymous

TenZue (2024-03-18 05:00:21):

Anonymous's are jst weird bro

Quitting (2024-03-22 13:04:27):

Probably some 5 years old kids thinking they are funny by talking about s3x and shit like that

Unknown author (2024-03-26 22:58:51):

Mother fucker how about u be funny since u wanna say shitt about us

Quitting (2024-04-01 12:01:46):

i ain't saying shit, i am describing YOU

xTikans (2024-04-01 20:42:26):

yeah, and that's saying something fr. smh

TenZue (2024-04-05 00:32:37):

anon bro like ya'll get mad when we say facts when ya'll jst talkin abt dirty things. What happens on the internet stays on the internet

Quitting (2024-04-05 15:34:08):

true lol

DreamDoll12 (2024-04-07 23:54:15):

huh and why tf is anonymous talking about balls getting cut off

Quitting (2024-04-08 17:27:52):

Because is an Anonymous; of course is going to say weird/dirty things. So i decided to leave

xTikans (2024-04-08 18:07:18):

5P34K, it's alright man. Take a break if u need to.

Quitting (2024-04-11 16:25:12):

I decided to come back after a short time

Quitting (2024-05-17 21:20:14):

Nah, i ain't listening to your whining about shit i did on the past 'cause youre useless anyways

TenZue (2024-05-18 22:58:53):


also the name Pepsi seems familiar like a person I think I have beef with or smth

hm idk

Quitting (2024-05-18 23:01:01):

Bruh why the fuck are you still bringing that bobcat bullshit? i was that stupid bobcat games, thus you pretend your older yet bring these gen alpha and ugly fat ass comebacks, really? also i cuss because of worthless persons like you, ruining the website cause you re all nothing but BUMFUCKS talking about dirty things. you got 0 proof that im failing at school, you're falling so stfu.
hurt? lmfao this fuckin idiot's brain is too small he dont realize he cant beat up people on internet. what a shame, you probably one of these skibidi kids, also correction: fortnite and free fire are for cringy skibidi kids. ass shirt to small? why tf i would be like those idiots wearing short shirts showing the belly button? in other words: You suck at roasting and your parents are every 1 minute beating you up with the belt because youre a failed, worthless and dirty leech

also tenzue, remember he is an anonymous user; doesn't know what is he talking about

TenZue (2024-05-18 23:02:52):

"U ugly ass fat ass shirt too small, belly button peaking out yo shirt like an eyeball having ass boi." That's gotta be personal towards u

Unknown author (2024-05-19 00:48:57):

DAMN :-o :-o :-o :-( :-( :-( |-) |-) |-)

TenZue (2024-05-19 02:16:45):

dark falcon k :-)

Quitting (2024-05-19 09:39:46):


Unknown author (2024-05-19 11:53:18):


TenZue (2024-05-20 05:43:21):

sh :L

Quitting (2024-05-20 19:23:51):

lil children with that skibidi bullshit

TenZue (2024-05-20 22:20:36):

I agree lmaoo

Unknown author (2024-05-21 08:06:23):


Quitting (2024-05-21 16:20:48):

u mad?

Unknown author (2024-05-21 21:19:44):


Unknown author (2024-05-23 19:45:24):

dark falcon?

more like ohio falcon!!

Quitting (2024-05-25 19:16:49):


TenZue (2024-05-27 06:50:56):


Unknown author (2024-05-27 16:14:24):


Unknown author (2024-06-02 15:15:59):

- Skibidi

Quitting (2024-06-10 22:24:15):

Average skibidi kid lmao

TenZue (2024-06-11 04:39:39):



TenZue (2024-06-11 17:05:40):

dark falcon, check what someone told u in eveelovers profile

TenZue (2024-06-11 17:59:50):



Quitting (2024-06-11 22:07:40):

well thanks for advising me about anonymous

oh yeah about the padlet thingy i dont think i would use it now as i have lots of exams and i need to study alot cuz i not really good at school stuff, so maybe on vacations?

TenZue (2024-06-11 22:20:27):

hmm alright

TenZue (2024-06-15 05:26:02):

If you wanna join the private GC, get the password


Dreamdoll, xTikans, and Corben are already in it

Quitting (2024-06-17 08:13:59):

k, anyways i will be a little more active this week

TenZue (2024-06-17 23:40:12):

Eid Mubarak

Quitting (2024-06-19 16:51:48):

Come on, say all the hate you want, if you hate me, but i got no ideas, however, i would come back but a pretty short time if i have any ideas, though im planning to dualboot linux mint and win10, and most likely i will rip icons from windows betas

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