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Dark_Samus (2020-11-10 12:00:24):

your are a great cursor creator :-)

dingdongdie (2020-11-10 13:15:51):

ah thank you! i didnt even know custom cursors were possible until a couple days ago, but theyre really fun to make :-)

Dark_Samus (2020-11-10 14:26:38):

i also until i saw this website :-D

Unknown author (2020-11-10 21:33:02):

Plant cursors? That would be cool :-D

dingdongdie (2020-11-10 21:42:08):

thats a good idea anon! now i might just have to do a potted plant cursor

Kayyis (2020-11-11 07:34:40):

:-) :-) :-) :-) great creator u

dingdongdie (2020-11-11 17:56:15):

thanks kayyis!

Liberty (2020-11-11 18:18:32):

i dont even know how do one
:-( :-( :-(

dingdongdie (2020-11-11 18:56:56):

i just think of a theme, and draw the cursors directly in the realworld cursor editor using my mouse :))

Unknown author (2020-11-13 15:26:38):

can you try doing a butterfly cursor if you hadnt done that already? :-)

dingdongdie (2020-11-14 01:58:20):

oh that sounds nice! ill try to find the time to make that for you, anon!

Unknown author (2020-11-16 01:46:14):

could you maybe make sun n cloud cursors? since you did moon n stars cursors :-)

Kayyis (2020-11-16 11:04:22):

The Bunnies cursor are so cute!! :-)

dingdongdie (2020-11-17 23:02:20):

ooh sun and cloud cursors sound great anon! all the nice things in the sky :))

thank you kayyis! i didnt expect so many people to like them, but seeing so much positive feedback is giving me a confidence boost :-D

Unknown author (2020-11-18 07:29:38):

ur cursors are so cute!!!

Unknown author (2020-11-18 10:02:56):

Love ur cursors!! the fashionable duck one is my fav hhhhh

dingdongdie (2020-11-18 13:17:30):

thank you both! and heck yeah funky ducks forever

Unknown author (2020-11-18 16:26:03):

can you make a mario one

dingdongdie (2020-11-18 21:44:22):

i'll consider it

Unknown author (2020-11-21 15:12:25):

I really like you're Bunnie cursors :3

dingdongdie (2020-11-21 17:11:21):

thank you!

Unknown author (2020-11-22 22:36:32):

your cursors are great!! love them. thank you for posting them!

dingdongdie (2020-11-23 04:52:22):

no problem! happy to see that you like them :))

CoolandonRS (2020-11-23 20:10:16):

Quick tip if you didn't know, you can effectively "freeze" an animation on a frame changing its duration from 10 to a large number (It may be different but 10 is the default). You can see a demonstration in this set: http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/crystal-clear-mini . I haven't seen many cursors utilizing this, especially not recent ones and it could fit well with some of the cursor sets you make. (I love them by the way).

dingdongdie (2020-11-23 21:12:07):

thanks for the tip! i do actually change the framerate of my cursors often, but it's likely not very noticeable; i'll be sure to think about that more!

Unknown author (2020-12-04 21:35:57):


Unknown author (2020-12-15 17:45:47):

I like your panda one so much

dingdongdie (2020-12-15 20:36:54):

thank you anon!

strawberry (2020-12-26 19:44:49):

i love all your cursor sets a lot! and your cursor sets actually have all 17 cursors too. thank you so much for these! <3

dingdongdie (2020-12-27 01:12:37):

my pleasure! im really happy you like them!

Unknown author (2020-12-29 00:30:16):

this stuffs cute!!

dingdongdie (2020-12-29 01:29:17):

thanks anon! cutes my specialty :))

Unknown author (2021-01-04 18:14:39):

do kitsunes (9 tailed foxes)

dingdongdie (2021-01-04 21:26:47):

that sounds really nice! the problem is that i usually only do heads of animals so they fit, and a kitsune would be a bit difficult to distinguish in such a small form :(( ill try it out and see how it is, though!

Stay X Stray Kids (2021-01-06 01:27:12):

Hello! I have found your Nachimbong cursor. It's cute but it's super small. I don't want to offend you... Could you recreate the same Nachimbong cursor, please? Thank you!

dingdongdie (2021-01-09 23:08:52):

posted on my blog!

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