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Picture Resizer for PNGs, GIFs, BMPs,...

on November 29th 2005

If enough people request one of the formats, it will be implemented, so let me know. ;-)

on April 6th 2007

GIF please

on April 6th 2007

Does one person count as enough? :-)

The Sword of the Heart
on July 30th 2007

That would be nice, seeing as the only practical use for JPEG is large photos. Aninated GIF resizing would just be amazing, albeit near-impossible. PNG will be useful, too. I don't see much hope in BMP's, seeing they take up way too much memory and PNG's have lossless compression, need less memory, have transparency, and have quality just as good as BMP.

on September 27th 2007

Yea das true

on November 21st 2007

Another vote for adding Gif functionality

on December 7th 2007

Gif and PNG Please the JPG aspect is AWESOME

Thanks so much :-)

on February 15th 2011

Did you add the GIF support

on February 26th 2011

PNG format would be VERY usefull

on May 4th 2011

Nice work with the JPG
I hope to see the same for the PNG please

on May 21st 2011

PNG for sure!

on July 7th 2011

Might I strike a blow for having a format conversion too?
I'd like to be able to start not only from JPGs, but also from others (mainly BMPs). JPG as target format is good enough.

on June 9th 2014

I'd love to see convert function - from bmp to jpeg - or png to jpeg.

on January 11th 2016

Yes, PGN support would be greatly appreciated

on April 16th 2016

PNG (with alpha) would be absolutely AWESOME. i'm sure if more people knew about this program, this thread would be bombarded with +1s! :-)

on September 17th 2020

gif please

on October 18th 2020

Scanned PDF would be great

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