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Get icons from Office toolbar?

on April 10th 2009

Presumably the icons which appear on MS Office toolbars are stored as icons within a DLL somewhere, do you know where?

on April 10th 2009

I am sorry, I do not know this. The toolbar icons can also be stored as bitmap resources or possibly even as .pngs. All depends on the developers.

on July 14th 2009

You can find an entire "library" of .dlls containing most or all of the MS Office File Icons within the following path:

C : Program Files > Microsoft Office > OFFICE11

Another path containing a "treasure chest" of icons ... all contained under the same .dll is as follows:

C : Program Files > Microsoft Office > OFFICE11 >1033 > OUTLLIBR.DLL

HAPPY HUNTING !!! I hope this is of some help!?

on July 29th 2011

Thanks a lot; that was very helpful.


on October 17th 2012

That helped me find what I was looking for too. Thanks.

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