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How does the gradient fill work?
on May 13th 2009

How does one get the gradient fills to work? What does the graph indicate? Also, what is the difference between the types; linear, conical, and radial?

on May 13th 2009

I assume your question is related to the cursor editor, because the "graphs" are only there. It shows how gradient color is interpolated between primary and secondary colors with distance (or angle in case of conical gradient). By default it goes from one color to the other, but you can make it go forth and back multiple times.

To use gradient, you must click the Gradient fill or Combined buttons in the panel. Not all tools can use gradient, but for example Rectangle can.

The gradient types differ in how they fill the area. You'll see.

on May 13th 2009

OK, thanks for the help!

Most of my problem was I was trying to use the "flood fill" tool, but with it set to "solid fill" and not "Brush Fill," but thanks for pointing out that I can use the Gradient fill with the shape tools.

Also, Just thought I'd point out that I love the cursor editor software. It's quite simple, and easy to use, incompetent user notwithstanding ;-), and with the tools given you can do virtually everything! I'll be uploading my next cursor set soon, hopefully with at least one Gradient involved.

Thanks again!

on May 13th 2009

Great, I'd like to see it :-).

on July 6th 2009

Linear - lines
Conical - Cones
Radial - Circles

Something along those lines

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