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Customizing destination folder and file name

can't get it to work!
on October 19th 2009

This is a great little App and does every thing I want - if only I could get the destination folder and filename to work!

I am trying to resize everything from one folder structure to another folder structure.

Here is my batch file:
PhotoResize800RHSM.exe F:\Test "-cF:\Test800\<PATH><NAME>.jpg"

I am trying to resize everything in the F:\Test folder and all it's subfolders to the F:\Test800 folder (and create the same subfolders)

I have copied your example exactly, but it always puts the files in the same folder as the source...


on October 19th 2009

change it to: PhotoResize800RHSM.exe "-cF:\Test800\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" F:\Test

parameters are processed from left to right

on October 20th 2009

thanks a lot - works like a dream!

on November 7th 2009

I, sorry for reopening this thread, but I've just downloaded this useful program and I'm having similar problem.

I use a desktop shortcut and I've tried to set an output folder following your instruction and writing "C:\resized" in "From:", but that doesn't work.

Can you help me?

Thanks for your attention.

on December 26th 2009

Great work, man! This thing is a real time-saver!

Took me a while to find out how exactly the -c option works, though: I thought that the <PATH> is simply ignored as it never appeared in my target folder system. Maybe it's worth pointing out the following:

When using the -r (recursive directory) option, the <PATH> is only THAT part of the images' filepath that you enter as source. (Maybe I also had a wrong idea what the <ROOT> is.) So, when you have a folder structure like


and you use

PhotoResize.exe -w800 "-cM:\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "D:\MyImages"

then your target file system structure will be


Unless I'm wrong. ;-)

on December 26th 2009

Yes, that is correct. <ROOT> is the entered path and <PATH> is relative path from ROOT to the currently processed file.

on January 25th 2012

I use:

PhotoResize_1600RSQ90.exe "-cC:\MYFOLD\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" E:\MYFOLD

to resize images from my mobile HD. Program builds folder structure on drive C: such as on source well. But I hoped, the files not processed because of options (with short size less then 1600) will achieve a destination too. It is not. The program don't make a copy of file if there were no processing. I think it is wrong.

on March 30th 2012

Good day! PhotoResize is a great tool, but I also have some problem...
What is the right way to write in command line if I want to resize one single file named Image.jpg and save to another folder?

on March 30th 2012

one possibility is:

PhotoResize400.exe "-cC:\resized\image.jpg" "C:\source_folder\image.jpg"
on January 28th 2013

i have problem. i use Resize picture by adding to contex menu evrything is great except that i cannot do one thing:
- when i choose folder (<source folder>) with photos (<photos>) by left click using context menu the result folder i want to look like this - /<destination folder>/<source folder>/<photos>

my exemple i put by "add to context menu":

-R -M "-cD:\destination folder\<PATH><NAME>.jpg"
i click for ex. folder named "test" and i watn the result:
D:\destination folder\test\<NAME>.jpg

i give up right now - dont know what to do
help please

on November 14th 2013

I was looking for a way to put re-sized photos into a sub folder of the containing folder. By using the add to context menu option after executing the PhotoResize400.exe. I was able to achieve this and not have to use the command prompt.
In the additional options text box i put in -c<ROOT><Resize>\<NAME>.jpg so all the processed pictures to into a folder called Resize.

My current setup is -p100 -m -o -v -e -c<ROOT><Resize>\<NAME>.jpg
as all a want to do is reduce the file size but maintain all the metadata, creation dates, rotate and move it to a sub folder within the folder it is in.

on December 13th 2013

I am using PhotoResize in a small CMS app written in C#. It works perfectly and I am over the moon with the performance of the program, but I cannot get rid of the DOS box that briefly appears when I execute a resize. I am using the -o switch, but perhaps there is something else?

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on January 19th 2014

Now I have it. It was the combination of resizing to kB and not having the folder structure ready. Please try re-downloading the tool - I hope it will work now.

on January 19th 2014

Thanks, very close now.
PhotoResizeK500R.exe "-cE:\Bilder-K500\<PATH><NAME>-K500.jpg" "E:\Bilder"
PhotoResizeK500.exe -r "-cE:\Bilder-K500\<PATH><NAME>-K500.jpg" "E:\Bilder"
Both are running. Substructure automatically created even "Bilder-K500" is created, but constantly skipping photos smaller than 500kB, as the parameter "s" should do. Could you please look at that?

on January 19th 2014

This is kind of by design. But I guess I could change it, it should not cause unexpected problems.

on January 19th 2014

sounds good. Thanks.

on January 22nd 2014

I was waiting for your, but today I simply tested the actual available download. It runs without skipping the smaller files anymore. Thanks for fixing it and thanks for the fast and effective support. Have a nice day, Detlef

on February 16th 2014


So I've been trying to find a way to resize and rename images and I found this App. Now I got it to resize the file and create them in a different directory with the subfolder structure. what I need to do now is make it append a few characters to the front of the filename. A example of what I mean would be: Original name: ST_0001 and what I want it to be renamed to would be like: p_ST_0001

This the code I'm using in a window command script

"C:\SHARE\PhotoResize200x134RUE.exe" "-cC:\share\ST_TEST\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "C:\share\ST 2013"

Any help is apprecieated

on February 16th 2014

"C:\SHARE\PhotoResize200x134RUE.exe" "-cC:\share\ST_TEST\<PATH>p_<NAME>.jpg" "C:\share\ST 2013"

on February 17th 2014

it works great. I'll keep working on it. thanks again

on January 30th 2015


please what code is, when i want resize files from different folders to one of my desktop.
If i click on some file and show up context menu and i click resize, i need this file with new size in folder on my desktop. sorry for my bad english. thank you

on July 23rd 2018

This app needs some better instructions, especially in the dos area.

on July 2nd 2020

Is there a way to keep the source image location, but append something on the file name after compression?

such as an image named dog.jpg would be compressed and renamed to dog_compressed.jpg?

on January 21st

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