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Animated previews of cursors in the library

for browsers supporting APNG format
on October 22nd 2009

OK, another update for the cursor library and I think you'll love it.

Cursor previews on the cursor set and cursor detail pages are now animated and they are placed over a cross-hair to show you, where the hot spot is.

The previews are using the animated PNG (APNG) format that can, unlike .gif, handle smooth transparency. Hence a web-browser supporting this format is needed. Currently, that is either Firefox or Opera.

Browsers like Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome (or other Safari-based browsers) do not seem to currently support APNG and you'll see just the first frame of the animation. I'll let you decide how to deal with that...

on May 4th 2011

I beg to complicate the script: to appear when you hover over another GIF - with a background RGB (224,224,224)

on October 17th 2011

Vlasta, will Real World Designer, -the incoming all-in one application-support APNG animation?

That would be very interesting.

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