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Realworld - any plans for a new (2010) version?

on April 5th 2010


i'm just wondering, are there any plans for a Realworld 2010?

on April 5th 2010

It is hard to say. I was working on mainly on Cursor Editor last year and Icon Editor and Photos are being updated right now. So, there are not many new features ready for Paint right now. The only major change available is the redesigned creation wizards and more user-friendly clipboard and undo handling. In my opinion, that is not enough for a new version.

Once Icon Editor and Photos are done, I'll get back to Paint.COM and if I manage to add something significant, there will be a new version.

on August 18th 2010

Rw Paint is from 2009 and RWIcon and RWPhotos are from 2008. So they must be first ready.

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